More Playing With Words

I have been thinking about our year of homeschooling and what we liked/ didn’t like/ might want to add etc. for next year.

One thing I am hoping will work well for us is “Tuesday Tea and Poetry” as described in the Brave Writer lifestyle. Basically you gather together to eat yummy snacks and share poetry each week. I have some poetry books around and am on the hunt to add more to make this an easy thing to do.

My daughter and I have also begun to hunt for unique tea cups and plates to serve our special tea and snacks.

Our local thrift store yielded the cute yellow flowered cup for $0.59.

In addition to reading poetry together, I want to explore different styles and methods of writing poetry. One idea that caught my eye was using cut up magazines to play with words.

I started to cut pages today with my daughter and she was instantly engaged and wanting to produce her own work!

Beginning to sort:

A poem for her brother who was born on Halloween:

A few others. The first is about moving and selling your house. Obviously the later ones are about flying and animals.

Last post for pirates and maps

We are finishing up our month of pirates and will be moving on to Japan and ninjas next.

Our last 2 activities were a map worksheet and a boardgame.

The game is called Catan Jr.
My son and I played it twice before realizing I had neglected to read the proper rules about placing ships. The first time through, we also played on the 3 or 4 player side of the map by accident. All my pictures shown how to play the wrong way- in the real game, ships can only go on the dotted “route” lines.

We had fun anyway and will try again by the rules sometime.

After figuring out the real rules, I grabbed an app that is a tutorial for the full game of Settlers of Catan. It has been almost 10 years since I played and I think the kids are old enough to try out the regular version.

Intro to Poetry

My daughter surprised me by asking to learn about poetry the other night. Luckily, I had an easy idea for writing a first poem tucked away in my brain- acrostics. I found a “poetry for kids” website and showed her an example. Then she wrote her own.

And loved every minute of it 🙂

Her first one is called “Tom” after our cat.

On the couch a lot
My pet

Her second was “Tree”

Rest in its shade
Everything is peaceful
Everything is beautiful

Her last one was “Snow”

New as a forming cloud
Outdoors like a bird
White as a dove

I told my son about this type of poetry in the morning. Here is his poem called “Creeper.” A creeper is a type of monster from one of his favorite games; it goes toward things and then explodes.

Packed with gun powder
Especially mean
Rest in pieces