The Rest of My Daughter’s Birthday

After making beads and playing with Stuffties, my daughter moved on to playing one of the new games we picked up the other night, “Pokemon Channel” for the GameCube. It is a pretty easy game which (so far) mostly consists of watching short film “clips” of Pokemon delivering the news or playing a quiz show and buying cute things for your home from the “Squirtle Shopping Channel”. Both kids seem to like it.



The kids also played on Webkinz for a bit. We bought (with Kinzcash) the new studio application that lets the kids make short plays with backgrounds and actors. It is kind of like making a comic strip on the computer. You get to pick how many characters in the shot (1 or 2) and whether they will be far away or up close. You can change their expressions and have them do actions, like waving or jumping, as well as typing what you want them to say in word balloons. When you are done, you can save your work! Pretty neat.

We also got upgraded dicepacks for Dicekinz, which I would not recommend if your goal in playing Dicekinz is to win money quickly. The more advanced dice make the game take longer…

When J. got home, we headed out to “Max and Erma’s” for a birthday celebration dinner. The kids love the icecream sundae bar!

A nice birthday all around…

And an update- she has been sleeping in her new bed since it came 🙂


Yesterday, the kids and I went over to a friend’s house to deliver outgrown toys and I got to hang out and chat a bit while all the kids played. At one point my kids were talking about their Webkinz, which have regained popularity in our house of late. It turned out our friends had Webkinz they had never logged in.

Now they are logged in and we are “friends” online too 🙂

With all the renewed fun of Webkinz, I have been playing as my character and trying to earn KinzCash to buy and send stuff to all the kids. Ummm. I am becoming a wee bit addicted to some of the mini games.

And I was afraid Facebook would be a time-sucker…