Playing With Colored Ice

I recently saw a neat idea on a blog called “Not Just Cute“.

The idea was to freeze colored water into different shapes of ice (with your kids) and then to make sculptures out of the ice with water and salt.

Our attempt at this was a wee bit rocky, yet still fun 🙂

First off, I wasn’t sure I had watercolors that would work for this, so I substitued powdered tempera paints figuring we would find out soon enough if that was ok. I put mounds of black, white, yellow, red, and blue powder into a muffin tin and set my daughter loose with water and popsicle sticks for stirrers. I figured that she would probably spend a good amount of time mixing and pouring. I was not wrong. She spent over an hour just on creating the perfect colors and pouring them into molds. I mixed a little too, but mostly looked for things to be molds and shuttled filled containers to our driveway.





My second veer off course was that soon after I started putting the molds on the driveway, snow started pouring down and coating them. I wasn’t sure if it would be a problem or not so I left them. This proved to be a bad idea for 2 reasons…One- the snow caused the containers to be all slushy and the colors separated even more than I think they would have otherwise, and two- my husband went out to shovel the driveway and not seeing them under the snow blanket, scooped them up and caused some molds to dump out and others to get all clumpy and not at all flat.

I moved them to our freezer at this point.

I pulled them out tonight when my daughter had a friend over to see if they could build with the ice. I would deinitely recommend using watercolors if you do this project! The tempera paint ice wound up separated and thick and wasn’t nearly so pretty as the ones on the original blog. However, ugliness aside, the girls did enjoy playing with the ice cubes and managed to build sculptures, paint on paper, and eventually as things tend to devolve in this house, decided to paint my daughters shirt by putting ice cubes down the front of it. Brrrrrr.





(They did decide to do “laudry” and washed her shirt in the bathroom sink afterwards)

Kalahari- the short version

We had a great time at the Kalahari Waterpark this past week. We spent tons of time each day in the water and got to hang out with good friends! I co-hosted a henna funshop again and we all attended the carnival and the dance. It was our best year yet…

I didn’t get that many decent pictures this year as the waterpark’s new policies on height restrictions and a parent within arms reach had me doing almost everything with the kids. Here are some of the few I got:

Body Slides



Playing by the small slides




Wave pool


The dance




Swimming at the Natatorium

We have been swimming at the Natatorium almost every Friday for about a year and a half now. I don’t post about it very often because it is pretty much the same every week and I don’t often have my camera with me.

Today, I took my camera on purpose after realizing I haven’t been taking it out with us and therefore don’t often blog about things we do away from home. I use the pictures from my camera to go by when I post and I really like posts with pictures in them.

Today was different from the same old, same old as well. School is out for the summer here, so the pool now has “open swim” vs. the “homeschool swim” we usually attend. “Open swim” includes use of the current lanes and the water slide. This year, all the boys but 1 were tall enough to do the water slides and took advantage of that fact! The girls weren’t tall enough yet, but did enjoy going in the current lane and playing in the other parts of the pool. Here are the kids enjoying the water:












Squirt Guns? It is only 50 degrees…

One of the neighbor boys came over today and dug for rocks in the back yard with the kids. They dug up lots of small colored stones and one bigger, mud covered, blue stone (at least they called it blue). They carried it around to the driveway and then asked for Super Soakers and bathing suits.

When I told them it was only 50 degrees and I didn’t think it was quite bathing suit/water gun weather, they were all quite sad. Then they changed their tune and asked for the Super Soakers to “wash off the rock”. Not entirely prepared for the Super Soakers in any case, I instead talked them into an alternative- a huge bucket of water, some empty Sunny D. bottles, and some old toothbrushes. My son was so excited by being able to make his own squirt gun out of the Sunny D. bottle, he said we should send the idea into one of the TV shows he watches sometimes (called Crash, Bang, Splat on Discovery Kids).

The kids had fun and didn’t freeze too badly 🙂