River Monsters

My son has been taken with this show lately and with all the episodes on Netflix, it is easy to watch together. The fisherman is amazing and travels all over the globe searching for huge fish and often looking into mysteries or fables.

This show is great in so many ways. It shows native people in each location, tells the history or stories surrounding each fish, and then follows him as he catches each specimen.

The biggest impact story this week was the Pacu. It is a vegetarian fish that looks similar the piranha. Groups hoping to help the native population have more food took the fish from South America and introduced them in Papua New Guinea. Unfortunately the fish adapted too well. They over-ate the vegetation and then became omnivores, killing other fish and attacking humans.

My son clearly got the point and we talked about the dangers of putting animals and plants where they are not native.

Tonight I checked out the website.
Lots of good stuff!


The kids and I have been watching a few food shows lately. One that we really enjoy is the Food Network Challenge. Often, they will have a bunch of pastry chefs compete to create gigantic cakes or sculptures meeting some challenge goals and usually a certain theme. The episode we saw today was about famous landmarks…really neat to see created in sugar and chocolate 🙂

At bedtime, my daughter chose this book for her bedtime story:

She was so excited to see that all of the places from the show were in the book!

Oldies, But Goodies

Well, at least oldies…..
We joined Netflix again for the month hoping we could use the “watch instantly” feature with our TIVO to see movies on our TV. It didn’t work out that way as out TIVO is too old and doesn’t support it 😦

Since we were locked in for the month anyway, I decided to expose the kids to the fantastic cartoons of our youth 🙂 The “Smurfs”, “Thundercats”, and “Dungeons and Dragons” were soon on their way along with a “Tom and Jerry” set and some “Super Mario Super Shows”.

While at the thrift store, I came across some “Thundercats” comics and picked those up as well.

It has been a fun trip down memory lane…

Election ’08

The kids stayed up to watch the election coverage with me while J. was on a business trip for a few days in Columbus.  What an amazing night!  Here is a post I wrote on a local board about the goings-on here.


I cried.  I honestly didn’t think our country had come this far!
My kids got a bit of a history lesson last night.  My son has been interested in genetics lately and has been using it to make his sister feel better about her having blue eyes in a family with all brown.  He was helping her by saying how special she was and how they came from Grandpa and Grandma.  Well, last night he asked me if someone with brown skin marries someone with light skin, can they have babies with brown or white skin.  I told him yes, and lots of other shades.  He thought it was wonderful.  Then he asked me if people with brown skin were allowed to marry people with light skin.  I told him yes, but expanded on our country’s past and that it was not always legal.  That people were treated differently just for having different colored skin.  That even when his grandparents were little kids, there were separate drinking fountains and seating areas and schools.  We talked briefly about slavery.  He said he hoped that none of our ancestors had ever done any of those things because they were horrible.  I got to tell my son that I didn’t think they were part of it and that the family members he had alive today had done what they could to help Obama win and that we had all voted to make this day possible and that that was why I was crying- for joy.

Emma ran for markers and made her own flag to wave and celebrate Smiley

They also really enjoyed McCain’s speech and I said he was doing the right thing and he was an honorable man.  I wanted to make sure they knew J. and I didn’t dislike him as a person.  We just had different ideas about some things.

And apparently they listen to me because my son asked if this meant the soldiers could come home now and if everyone would have health care.  (He just turned 7)

This will be quite a year!


The map getting filled in:

My daughter’s flag:

To amuse herself while we watched, my daughter made a replica of me out of a basketball, my hat, a jumprope, 2 pool noodles and some pillows.  It looks just like me 🙂

The Things You See on TV

So, we are all about the infomercials around here…huge pieces of crap plastic that serve only one function and look endlessly useful to 5 and 6 year olds.  Today’s winner was a commercial for a funnel cake maker.  Luckily, I have actually made funnel cakes before and realized that I could make them with only 4 ingredients that we just so happened to have in the house.  I whipped up a bunch and we all chowed down.  The plastic on TV stayed in the TV 🙂

My daughter nicked one of my sweaters and came into the kitchen to eat.  I felt the need to capture the moment on camera so I would remember today.