K’Nex Cars

I found some great free resources for K’Nex online and printed off a bunch of neat ideas and reference materials.
I grabbed a variety of challenge cards to try out with the kids and perhaps some of the other homeschoolers we know.

I got out our box of parts and began to tinker. Both kids joined in and my son began building a motorized car while my daughter worked on finding all the body parts for the people. There was a bit of trial and error involved, but my son taught me a few things about how the wheels worked with the other parts. He made a working car and it was fast! My daughter decided to make one too and see which could go faster. Hers included a seat for mini figures. Much trial and error and a bit of frustration came with her effort as well, but in the end she persevered and had a great working car! My son’s was faster. The kids are trying to figure out if it is because of the difference in tire size or weight or drag from the seat contraption. After they raced them successfully, they moved on to building ramps and obstacles.

Some of the worksheets are math related.

Some of the printouts were challenges with multiple levels.

I am looking forward to trying more things out.

Around the House

The kids did lots of random stuff around the house.

My daughter made some decorations.

My son hung out with a friend.

My daughter made pancakes by herself.

We grew a chia Homer.

More duct tape things were made.

My daughter painted pottery.

We played with glow in the dark putty.

The kids played in the snow.

My daughter painted more pottery.

The kids made cute Zoomorph animals.

More doll miniatures

My daughter has continued on with her mini items…some are for Barbie, some are for her American Girl Doll.

Mini candy made with polymer clay.

Mini guitar made from bottle caps, foam, beads, popsicle stick, and sparkly string

Barbie Bed made with a clementine crate, duct tape, skewers, cardboard, fabric, and glue. Lots of glue. Barbie is also sporting a laptop made from duct tape and card stock.

Barbie Trampoline made from wooden beads, pantyhose, cardboard, and duct tape.