We just got back from the annual homeschool gathering at the Kalahari Waterpark. It was busier than ever for us with both kids attending lots of stuff.

Swimming in the wave pool.

Carnival with face paint and hairspray. Zombie tag was that night as well.

Playing in the room. The kids took turned being “stuck” in the trash can until the other kids tipped them over so they could get out, lol.

Minecraft funshop.

Monday was the opening speaker. my son and I went and we met several people there, including the family who ran this funshop.

Hula hooping funshop.

Gangnam Style Just Dance funshop.

Lots of water slides! Everyone has done the toilet bowl ride now but me.

Henna night.

The marketplace. My daughter sold over 25 of her things and both kids eagerly supported the other vendors!

Birthday party for a friend 🙂

The dance. It was dark, lol.

We also had lots of good food, visited the arcade, played games, and hung out with wonderful friends.

Can’t wait to do it again.

Here are 2 more pictures from the sale:

Pics from NC

I didn’t put these up during the week, so here they are in one post.

The weather was stormy for most of the week but we managed to hit the beach a few times. 6 of us went jet skiing and our kids loved it even though it rained on us a bit and 3 of us got dumped into the water! A few of us checked out the outdoor pool and made up some games to play in the pouring rain. Lots of board games and card games were played including Timeline, Dominos, Texas Hold ‘Em, 7 Wonders, Ticket to Ride, Eucher, Boggle, 5 Crowns, Set, and more. The pool table worked for Billiards and as a place to solve jigsaw puzzles. The kids played games, built with Legos, used their iPods, played Minecraft, and in general hung out together and with us. People worked together to cook and clean up and the food was terrific as usual 🙂

Feels Like Summer

Sunday was pretty darn hot so we set up the pool from my MIL and the kids had hours of fun.

The boys played a shark game involving trying to grab someone while underwater with your eyes closed. If you got caught, you became the shark and the previous shark got out of the pool.

The girls enjoyed running up the drive and jumping into the pool together and practicing a dance on the driveway.

Entertainment Away From Home.

We walked to the local Target and made a trip out to a dollar store to pick up a few things to keep us occupied while in the hotel.

Legos, Play-doh, art stuff, a puzzle, and some cheap play sets did the trick.




My daughter’s picks, LOL (she had the guy in the dollar store smiling):


Also- hotels rock for our kids simply because they have a swimming pool and hot tub.



Kids’ Swimming Lessons

I have been taking some videos of the kids’ swimming lessons over the past few months. They are both Level 4 out of 6 according to the Red Cross levels.

They have covered each of the major strokes and they are working on diving. They can also tread water for a minute and a half so far.

They both really enjoy taking lessons and playing at the pool in general 🙂

Here is a kinda long video showing what they have been up to:

Science Friday

One of our friends who swims with us on Fridays often comes over beforehand and the kids play and have lunch here. Today, we did some science experiments too.

First up was balloons. While getting everything ready, the kids let the balloons fly around the room and tried to stick them to the wall using static.




Then each kid got a balloon to test out with a pin and some tape after we popped a spare one with a pin. The idea was to see what would happen if you put tape on the balloon before poking it with a pin. The loud bang of our control balloon dissuaded some from trying, but we did get the pin into a few. Tip for those trying this experiment- don’t use Duct Tape. Scotch Tape worked much better. With the Scotch Taped balloon, not only did the pin go in, but it came out without a bang and the balloon slowly deflated letting the kids pass it around and hear and feel it.


Next up was trying to figure out how to lift a book off the table using air. The kids came up with ideas ranging from paper fans to the balloon pump to an inflated balloon underneath. The balloon came closest to the intended solution which was to put an UNinflated balloon under the book and then blow it up, lifting the book.


Our last experiment was for each kid to cut a shape from a plastic bag and create a parachute for a little bear. My son cut the weirdest shape, yet it still functioned when he threw it outside. In fact- All of the parachutes opened!







After the parachuting, we rushed off to swimming where the kids learned how to play “Monkey in the Middle” with a beach ball…

Kalahari- the short version

We had a great time at the Kalahari Waterpark this past week. We spent tons of time each day in the water and got to hang out with good friends! I co-hosted a henna funshop again and we all attended the carnival and the dance. It was our best year yet…

I didn’t get that many decent pictures this year as the waterpark’s new policies on height restrictions and a parent within arms reach had me doing almost everything with the kids. Here are some of the few I got:

Body Slides



Playing by the small slides




Wave pool


The dance




Playtime, Swimming, and a Sleepover

We had a busy day today!
We started off with friends coming to play at the house before swimming. The girls helped me make vanilla ice cream to use for floats and then played with the swing and Legos a bit.



Then we headed to swimming at our local pool. We had four families today and had a lot of fun.






After swimming we had folks back over to our house for playtime and ended up having one of the boys stay for a sleepover. It was a really busy, nice day 🙂



Drawing and Swimming

Today, we had friends over before swimming. The boys took to gaming mostly and the girls took to stuffed animals and drawing. Today, they pulled out the stencils and went to town.


Here are some of my daughter’s:









We had 4 families for swimming today and everyone had a good time. Hopefully one of the moms isn’t too sore as she was throwing the girls up high into the air repeatedly!




The Pool is Open!

What does that mean for us?

It means that our homeschool swim is back on! And the kids’ swim lessons! And I am taking water aerobics 🙂 Yay for our community center!

On Friday, 3 other families joined us for the homeschool swim and playing before and after at our house.



On Saturday, swim lessons:






Mondays and Wednesdays are water aerobics. I have gone twice now and love it. The kids came the last time and swam with J. while I was in class.

Swimming Day

We had our second homeschool swim at the Community Center today and had a blast. Apparently, the state was going to close the pool at noon to do an inspection of the drains, but the director held them off till after we got to swim 🙂



Can I just say- I LOVE not having to drive 35-40 minutes to swim!

We had everyone come over to play afterward and my son showed off his “Scribblenauts” game and got all kinds of new ideas from his friends.

First Day of Swimming

Today was the first day of homeschool swimming for us at our local pool. We had been going down to Cuyahoga Falls for the past year and a half to swim, but it was quite a drive and was getting cost prohibitive for anyone without a membership. The director at our pool helped me set something up after I asked her about options for swimming with another family. She runs the swimming lessons that our kids are in and has been extremely helpful with looking into what the Community Center can do for us.

Today, we had 3 families make it and had the whole pool to ourselves. It was nice and warm and they had all the swim floaties and toys available for us. I am looking forward to next week!

One other thing to come out of today’s swimming was the decision to get a haircut for my son. His hair was getting in his goggles and bugging him, so now he will have short locks again…