More Puzzle Action

My son, who recently said he didn’t really like puzzles, decided he did like them after all when he tackled the Pokemon puzzle on his own. He then requested some puzzles we used to do a long time ago. He did this truck one and another one of endagered wildlife.



I have a few more cardboard ones from the thrift store, so we will see if the interest lasts…

Puzzle Time

I picked up a few puzzles at the thrift store last night (after sitting in the aisle counting the pieces to make sure they were all there, LOL)

I LOVE this one! It is a wooden puzzle with special cutout pieces shaped like objects (a butterfly, frog, shovel, dog, and more). I started it last night when I got home and then finished it today when we got back from swimming.





My daughter jumped in to help at the end and was having fun, so I opened one of the puzzles I got for the kids. Pokemon!




Thrift Score

I have been trying to clear out extra clutter in the house again, so naturally I felt the need to go to the thrift store with my spare time to bring in more stuff. Doh!

I found good stuff, if that counts for anything 🙂

First up is a Magnet Kit with a book and all the stuff you need to do different experiments. Of course we had to try it out right away.





There was also a new Lego board game with pieces and lots of cards that have models for you to build. We already had one set of these which the kids love, but these were different so I picked them up. As a game I didn’t think it worked so well- too much taking bricks from other players, too long, blah. As an expansion set for toys we like- it is great.


A new solitare game with boats called “Stormy Seas”. It works kinda like Rush Hour but you can slide the “water” pieces around as well as the boats. It had all the parts and all the cards!



A new construction set with wooden pieces and plastic bolts, screw, and more. It works with a similar set we already had.


Three of the pieces work with Lego blocks too! My daughter found one that was a ruler as well 🙂



A new boardgame called “Money Bags”. It is a counting coins game. Basically you move around the board by rolling a die. When you land on a space, you can earn money for yourself or for the “money bag” based on a spinner. It can land on “no nickles”, “no dimes”, “no quarters”, or “money bag”. You then get paid if you can count out the amount without using the forbidden coins. The “money bag” can be won on special spaces. “Coin exchange” spaces allow you to exchange smaller coins for larger coins or bills. If you can do it, you get an extra dime for the effort. Most money at the end wins. Both kids liked this game and we all came in within 5 cents of each other.


I also found a whole plastic bag full of crochet brochures and booklets. About half of them are worth keeping. Many of them are amigurumi animals 🙂
These are the ones I am keeping:
And last but not least, I got the hardback book “A Hatful of Seuss” which contains 5 full length Dr. Seuss stories.

Price for all the goodies= $15!
Ummm..I love our thrift store!

Another Trade

I just finished another trade on Ravelry, this time for “my other hobby”. Basically we had to fill a 6″ X 9″ envelope with things relating to our hobbies and those of our trade partner 🙂

My partner said she loved pink and cats and hearts and Sudoku and was hoping for Post-Its, cute pens, bamboo crochet hooks, and surprises. She also said she loved Tunisian crochet and was looking for patterns. And she said she doesn’t like coffee or tea.

I decided to make some of the items for the envelope. I embroidered a wool felt hook case like the one I made for myself and added a bamboo hook in the size she was using for most of her projects. I also made a little pouch to hold folding scissors, a needle threader, and a blunt-end needle for weaving in ends. It has an elephant on it with orange stripes because after the trade began, the moderators decided to add a “scavenger hunt” to the trade with certain items to be included each time you mail out (obviously this time- orange, elephant, and stripes). I also made her a paper mini-notebook filled with Ken Ken puzzles. I had never heard of Ken Ken until my brother wrote an iPhone app., but it is fun and I thought she might like it becasue she likes Sudoku.

I added in pink cat Post-Its, a fine point Sharpie on a keychain, drink mixes you pour into a waterbottle, and 2 Tunisian patterns I printed out.


Round Up

My daughter and I played another one of our cooperative games from Family Pastimes today. I really love their games because you work together to try to achieve a goal. There is no fighting or whining.

In “Round Up“, you have a board with paths on it which all lead through a gate into a corral. This is where you want your horses to end up! There are also cards showing 5 horses, 2 binoculars, 6 lassos, and 12 boulders. All the cards are mixed up and placed face down on spots marked on the board. Each turn a player choses a card to turn over. If it is binoculars or a lasso, you remove the card from the board to use as you wish, horses stay flipped over, boulders flip over and move to the numbered spot on the board that is written on that particular boulder. This can bury other cards that are still on those spaces. Binoculars let you peek under any card (1 time use). Lassos let you move boulders (also 1 time use). The strategy is to figure out a way to use your limited lassos to move enough boulders to get all 5 horses back to the corral.

The first game, we did get all 5! After that, it went to 3, then 4 on subsequent games.