Thrift Store Finds

I haven’t done much thrift shopping since moving back to Ohio. This week I decided to remedy that. I hit the local store with a friend looking for new tea cups for our Tuesday Tea Times and whatever else might be there. It was fun and I got good stuff!

2 new cups

2 puzzles, one of which we put together right away.

It was missing 3 pieces. The other puzzle was still shrink wrapped, so I assume they will all be there.

Fun fact- it never occurred to me to check how many pieces were in a “1,000 piece puzzle”. Apparently, not necessarily a thousand! This one would have had 1,008.

I also picked up a set of double nines dominoes, which I thought was missing a piece (due to the empty space in the case). Some checking at home revealed it was indeed a full set.

My daughter and I played to a hundred. She shredded me with a score of 220 to 29. The last round was a doozy. The pips going up to nine makes for potentially large scores and difficult point counting.

New Puzzle

I was talking with a friend about some of the puzzles we have done this year and how I love puzzles, but sometimes they seem so expensive to buy new. I also admitted to counting the puzzle pieces whenever I bought kids’ puzzles from the thrift store. Now that we do 500-1000 piece puzzles, I didn’t want to count them. She suggested looking at it as a surprise to find out at the end if you have them all. With that in mind, I picked up a puzzle at the thrift store when we bought clothes.

Surprise! Only 3 missing and we had a great time putting it together 🙂

Final Dino Chapters

Today, we finished up the first Magic Tree House book and did a little in the notebooks. The kids were ok with it but seemed ready to move on to non-fiction.

When we did a dinosaur puzzle today, the kids were definitely interested. The pieces had the names and some information about the animals on the backs. Questions poured out of the kids. Wikipedia was used liberally.

Guard kitty:

Some pieces we looked at in more detail.

This first piece led to questions about mammals during the time of dinosaurs. Mammals were around, but in general were smaller than the dinos and ate insects and vegetation. Only one was known to eat reptiles. Some were egg-laying mammals and some were placental or marsupial.

This led to a question about the duck billed platypus from my daughter who said it was the only modern egg-layer. My son said she was wrong and needed to include echidnas. After looking it up, he was found to be right and she declared Phineas and Ferb were wrong!

We looked up lots of ancient mammals and then moved on to ancient fish.

All of this made my son very interested in finding out more about the ancient non-dinosaur animals. I let him know I had some books on hold at the library we could pick up tonight. He remembered that there were ancient creatures in one of our Horrible Science magazines and set off to find it. I found him on our bed reading.

I am really looking forward to reading the non-fiction stuff with the kids and heading to the museums next week!

Entertainment Away From Home.

We walked to the local Target and made a trip out to a dollar store to pick up a few things to keep us occupied while in the hotel.

Legos, Play-doh, art stuff, a puzzle, and some cheap play sets did the trick.




My daughter’s picks, LOL (she had the guy in the dollar store smiling):


Also- hotels rock for our kids simply because they have a swimming pool and hot tub.