Weird Connections

The kids and I started off using polymer clay the other day and then wound up learning about strange meat products. Happens all the time, lol.

Here they are making colors and working on their designs.

My daughter was making miniature food again which led us to this.

She made potatoes and carrots and some breads and then she turned to the deli section.

What is “black pudding”?
Well, it isn’t pudding in our sense of the word…

It led to interesting discussions of other cultures and why things that might seem strange to us are part of everyday life elsewhere.

And of course, more mini food was created.

Late Night Lego

My daughter loved making the polymer clay Legos and made a bunch of little animals. It turned out to be a bit of a science experiment after all as some of the Legos shrunk just enough during baking to not fit onto other Legos or baseplates. Baking them already stacked on another piece seemed to remedy the situation.

She then moved on to making another Lego board-game, this time with a ship wreck theme. There are lots of sea monsters and bad guys to take away your life meter studs. There are also moving pieces on the board to move your guys around. The throne set-up is for the ruler of the underwater world.

Polymer Clay Meets Lego

Hello Lego, this is polymer clay. Wanna be friends?

My daughter was dreaming up new Legos to go with her room…squirrels, hedgehogs, trees, birds, etc. and was lamenting them not being available. Since Legos are made of opaque plastic and thus might handle 250 degrees and since we love polymer clay, the marriage of the two seemed possible. After a test case to see if the plastic would melt or off gas nasty stuff, we moved ahead full steam. 🙂