We Found Them!

Our Pokemon cards and bags, that is 🙂

We discovered they were missing on the way to a friend’s birthday party awhile back and I just couldn’t figure out where they were. I called my dad and one of the moms we hang out with asking if we had somehow left them at their homes. I searched the house over and over, wondering aloud how they could possibly be missing in a house the size of ours which had been recently cleaned. In the end, I gave up.

Then, today, it occured to me that we HAD taken the decks to those houses. And that I had probably packed them for the way home. (You see, I generally tote loads of snacks, craft stuff, etc. with us and wind up doing most of the carrying to and from the car) I thought a bit about how I had been carrying stuff and remembered my milk crate full of wool felt and crochet stuff I had been using while making holiday gifts. I opened the cabinet where it was stashed and sure enough- there they were! Right in amongst the felt and a crocheted bag I had forgotten I was ever working on. Of course! Why wouldn’t they be?

Now we are back in business…



Puzzle Time

I picked up a few puzzles at the thrift store last night (after sitting in the aisle counting the pieces to make sure they were all there, LOL)

I LOVE this one! It is a wooden puzzle with special cutout pieces shaped like objects (a butterfly, frog, shovel, dog, and more). I started it last night when I got home and then finished it today when we got back from swimming.





My daughter jumped in to help at the end and was having fun, so I opened one of the puzzles I got for the kids. Pokemon!




Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Pokemon of course.

The kids have been getting excited about Pokemon again. One of our friends decided to set up a Pokemon group for playing the trading card game. The first meeting was supposed to be on Thursday, but due to illness it got moved. I asked the kids if they wanted to play with me for some practice because we haven’t played in a while. They both did, but they also wanted to build new decks first.

The sorting 🙂


The playing…


After we were done playing, I heard my son talking to his friend on the phone about playing the trading card game online. I thought he knew what he was talking about and sure enough came upon a site that would let you. Later when I told him about it, he said I was the best mom ever and that he didn’t know it really existed when he was telling his friend that!


My daughter turned 6 today!

We started the day early so she could open presents before J. left for work. She got some pirate Lego sets from me and J., “Pokemon Fire Red” and a stuffed dolphin from her brother, and the owl bag I made. She named the dolphin “Flipper” and the bag “Hooty”. Before long, the Legos were put together, Flipper was adopted by the other stuffties, and she was toting around stuff in her bag.








Stufftie Village. The kids are introducing Flipper to the others. You can see the beautiful mobile one of our friends made for my son hanging there. It fits in so perfectly!