Everlasting Evergreen

One of our stocking stuffers was a plant called an everlasting evergreen. It comes packaged in a dried up ball and when you add water it unfurls over the course of a few hours to reveal green leaves. The papers that came with it said the plants are from the time of dinosaurs and can last up to 50 years in the dried up dormant state between times with water present. It was pretty neat to watch it open up.

Potions and Milkweed

The neighbor kids came over today and the girls split off and headed out to the yard to find ingredients for a potion. They came back in with a container full of berries, grass, sticky leaf stems, and a really neat, soft pointy pod. I thought it might be milkweed, so to Google images and Wikipedia we went.

I was right! We looked at the plants and talked a tiny bit about Monarch butterflies and then they moved on with their potion.

In progress…they added vinegar, corn starch, paint, and baking powder to the plant mixture.