Hit the Lizard

My son was complaining that there was nothing good on the Professor Garfield website when he stumbled upon a comic strip maker in one of the links. He proceded to make his own comic about a bad guy lizard who had locked up a cute mouse. The mouse and the super hero trick the lizard into coming into their cell so the super hero can beat him up. Then the mouse is free to go home. The title of my post is, of course, the title of his comic!

Here is a video with my son narrating his strip:

Here are the stills:










Sleepover and Spore

My son had a friend over to spend the night and got him totally hooked on Spore. This game is really cool! Basically, you start out as a cell and as you eat, you get to add body parts and get larger. You choose to be either a carnivore or an herbivore and to put your focus on offense or defense by which body parts you choose. As the game progresses, you are given missions to do such as find a mate, make friends with other creatures, and battle enemies. If you have created different species using the “Spore Creature Creator”, these other species populate the lands you visit.

Both of our kids have been playing and enjoying it.


Another Scratch Story

This time, it was my daughter making up the backgrounds and characters and moving them about.

It started off as a story about a girl and her sister, who incessantly talks on the phone. The girl jumps out of the tree and goes toward the house.



On the way to the house, she sees her mom in the yard and talks to her.


Inside, she sees her babysitter.


She goes into her room to change her clothes and jump on the bed.




Then she takes a nap.


She talks to the babysitter again…


And heads back outside.


After that, the story broke down with her repeatedly jumping out of the tree onto the sister’s head, pulling the babysitter’s hair, and then a trip to a mall. (????)

First Published Game

J. has been working on getting all the computers in our house back into working order with the goal of each kid having their own. In addition to switching out motherboards and upgrading memory, he has been deleting stuff we don’t use and putting useful stuff on the desktops for the kids to find more easily.

Both kids jumped back into “Scratch” after finding the icon sitting on their desktops.

My son worked on a project called “Jet Pack Boy and Jet Pack Girl”. It is an interactive scene with characters and a volcano he drew. When he was done creating it, he asked if we could put it up on Scratch’s website where you can view, play, and download other people’s projects. I said he could and amazingly it took all of about 30 seconds. There is a “share” button in the “Scratch” program that automatically connects you to the website, asks for your login, and then uploads your work! Super Easy. He was excited to see his game online 🙂


The Rest of My Daughter’s Birthday

After making beads and playing with Stuffties, my daughter moved on to playing one of the new games we picked up the other night, “Pokemon Channel” for the GameCube. It is a pretty easy game which (so far) mostly consists of watching short film “clips” of Pokemon delivering the news or playing a quiz show and buying cute things for your home from the “Squirtle Shopping Channel”. Both kids seem to like it.



The kids also played on Webkinz for a bit. We bought (with Kinzcash) the new studio application that lets the kids make short plays with backgrounds and actors. It is kind of like making a comic strip on the computer. You get to pick how many characters in the shot (1 or 2) and whether they will be far away or up close. You can change their expressions and have them do actions, like waving or jumping, as well as typing what you want them to say in word balloons. When you are done, you can save your work! Pretty neat.

We also got upgraded dicepacks for Dicekinz, which I would not recommend if your goal in playing Dicekinz is to win money quickly. The more advanced dice make the game take longer…

When J. got home, we headed out to “Max and Erma’s” for a birthday celebration dinner. The kids love the icecream sundae bar!

A nice birthday all around…

And an update- she has been sleeping in her new bed since it came 🙂