Art Stuff

Here are some of the kids’ recent art explorations.

My son made some new scratch art. This time we used real crayons and the right paint…worked like a dream. It was very simple to scratch off.

My daughter made a few projects using layers of thick paint, paper plates, and napkins. You can see some of the paper edges where she tore through the layers after the paint was applied.

This one is a planet. When you drip water on it, all the land forms turn green (like the plate underneath).

This one is just plain happy 🙂

Scratch Art- Take 1

The kids and I tried another project from the “Storybook Art” book yesterday. I titled this post “take 1” because there was some stumbling along the way and we intend to try again with the proper materials. As for this time, we learned you need to cover the paper completely and thickly with crayon first (the scribbles look cool but leave white spots that grab the paint), rub soap over the crayon (we forgot on one), and use tempera paint as instructed (vs. the acrylic paint I had on hand). Despite it all, we still pulled out some interesting pictures.

Nature Art

The kids and I went for a walk this week, gathering up supplies from nature to paint with. We found neat flowers, leaves, seed pods, and more. When we got home we set to work. My idea was to make colored, textured papers to be cut up later like in Eric Carle books. I thought it would fun to focus on just colors and designs and not worry about painting a specific thing. While we were painting, the neighbor boys came and joined us. We made a lovely, colorful bunch of stuff 🙂

Really Late Birthday Present

I just couldn’t figure out what to give a friend of ours for his birthday so I wound up letting it slip by without a present. I made gifts for each of his siblings on their birthdays and was determined to come up with something for him!
I finally settled on painting a shirt for him with an underwater theme as he loves sharks.

My son helped me paint on all the colors for the water after the black silhouettes were complete.




My daughter helped me wrap it up with tissue paper and shark stickers.