More Cake Pops

After our initial success with the Kirby cake pops, my daughter wanted to make more. While we were browsing webpages looking at supplies, I found a cake pop/ donut hole machine for under $20. It seemed worth a try. It cuts out heating up the big oven and means that the cake pop has a cupcake middle instead of cake and icing which was pretty doughy and super sweet.

I tried it out first with GF muffin mix as a surprise for our Tuesday Tea Time. It worked perfectly. They came out nice and round and were quickly devoured!

My daughter and I decided to try making chocolate ones for a 4th of July party.

People gave us compliments on them 🙂

Tea Time

We are at week three with our Tea Time and Poetry or as my daughter calls it- Poetreets! The kids helped me pick up special cookies for this week and we had one of their friends and my mom join us 🙂 My mom even brought strawberries and a new mug to share.

We picked fresh flowers from the yard and added a candle to the table this week.

My son read the camel story from “Just So Stories” to get us started and then we moved on to the poetry and chatting. It is really neat to hear the conversations that the poems spark. I an really enjoying these tea times and I am glad I found Brave Writer!

Some of this week’s books:

Our First Tuesday Tea and Poetry

I have been slowly gathering up supplies for our first “Tuesday Tea and Poetry” day in the tradition of the Brave Writer Lifestyle. Lots of books have been purchased and we are continuing to gather tea cups and fancy dishes as we come across them in thrift stores or on other outings.

Today, my son helped me get everything set up while his sister was playing with a friend. He was very excited and thought we should call it “Fancy Day!” We used an old quilt for a tablecloth and brought in flowers. We put out snacks and books and then let the girls in on the surprise. They had been on their way outside to play, but agreed to try it out.

Success! From the moment we started reading, they loved every minute! We took turns sharing and listening. We heard poems about a drumstick, a werewolf, William Tell, a man with clothes made out of food and dead animals, summertime and a baby cow, pranks played on a dad, and more. My son surprised me the most. I wasn’t sure how he would like it, but he seemed to enjoy it best of all and wanted to stay and read stories when we were done.

So he did read to me – “Just So Stories” by Rudyard Kipling. He has listened to the audio book many times (all 3 1/2 hours of it) and he liked reading the first story and poem to me in his fancy, expressive voice with a bit of a Brittish accent.

Everyone is looking forward to next week! I will need to dig up a stash of special snacks.

Easter is Coming

We have started to decorate the house and today my mom came to decorate eggs with the kids 🙂

Adding Sharpie.

Window decals.

We also played a game of Pictionary Jr. and a game of Pictionary: Bend A Clue with my mom. The first game is drawing based and the second is like charades but with the addition of a bendy tube to help you act things out. Both were lots of fun and she managed to be on the winning team both times!

Japanese Food

The kids and I explored some of the Asian foods that we could find at our local grocery. The cookies were the biggest win.

My daughter also went out for a Japanese dinner with me and J. at a local restaurant. She loved the hibachi food and was excited when the chef drew our portraits on our plates with teriyaki sauce!

I made an attempt at a bento box, but most of it was not so tasty. Rice balls and crackers were the best after the cookies.