The quilts are done (enough)

Enough to gift, that is…

Every birthday and Christmas I make a present for each of my kids. Usually they do not know what it will be, but this year I made what they asked me for- quilts for their beds. Being such large items and knowing how I am, I did not try for secrecy! Instead I asked the kids to collaborate with me by picking out the fabrics they wanted for the sashing and setting squares. They also went through my stash of 4″ “I Spy” fabric squares and selected photos of their friends and family members to be printed onto fabric for special squares throughout the quilts.

I used this tutorial from Obsessively Stitching to make a disappearing nine-patch quilt for each kid, but in order to get the sizes they wanted, I used 180 picture squares on each one. The final quilts were just over 60″ X 75″.

I skipped adding a border and due to my fear of binding (and lack of remaining time before Christmas), I sewed them together pillowcase-style and called it a day so we could actually enjoy each other on Christmas Eve. I will finish them up sometime soon, but for now- this is where I got 🙂

Here is my daughter’s quilt:

And a close-up of some of the squares while I was laying them out:

Here is my son’s quilt top about to be layered with the batting and backing.


And a close-up of some of his squares while planning the layout:


The kids love them and wanted to sleep on them in front of the tree.


Spring Clamp Bag

My daughter and her friend have been making lots of forts lately using our blankets and sheets, chairs, her bunkbed, and lots of….

Which. Sticks. To. Everything. And. Doesn’t. Easily. Come. Off.

Enter my solution…a bunch of spring clamps in 2 different sizes to secure all the layers.
They needed a home.
Here is my latest bag- a lined drawstring bag with cute clamps on the outside 🙂

I Spy Beanbags

I received all my lovely I-Spy fabrics from the trade I was in! The kids are excited for me to start on their quilts 🙂

I did decide to do one smaller project first…a gift for my niece and nephew.

My kids love our beanbags for games and battles and I thought I would add a little to these by making them alphabet AND I-Spy.

I printed the letters of the alphabet onto neutral fabrics using fabric dye. Then I paired them with an I-Spy fabric for that letter and sewed them up! They have rice filling because I like the way it feels. Here they are:








There are 13 pairs of colors.

A carrying bag is in the works, but I am waiting on snap pliers because both my husband and my daughter are insisting that that a snap for closure is the right finishing touch. (And I really don’t mind projects that are a great excuse to buy a new tool)

ETA: I finished the carrying bag and funny enough, it looked better without the snap…

Couch Cushions Are Finally Done

A local family gave us a couch and table for our front porch almost 2 years ago. I always planned on repainting them and making new cushions for the couch…I am finally partway there, LOL. The paint is still in the garage.

After searching online for replacement cushions, I was shocked at how expensive they were. I was sure I could make some for less. I got a book from the library on sewing outdoor furniture stuff and went to JoAnn’s for fabric with a 50% off coupon.

I started out with a plan for fancy piped edges and a zipper. Then I lost the zipper. Then after doing the piping on 2 pieces decided to lose the piping as well. These are super simple and not the prettiest, but they are done!



Maybe I will use the piping for some pillows. Maybe.

I Spy Swap

I happened to catch a blog post for an “I Spy” quilt square swap and immediately decided to join. It has been so fun making the different “I Spy” quilts and my daughter has been patiently waiting for one of her own (although a little less patiently this last time). She spent much of the day picking out squares that she wants me to use while I cut out squares for the swap.

Here is the floor scattered with her choices 🙂

Here are the ones I decided to cut and send (20 piles of 20 4″ squares):

Ready to go:

They are in the mail.
Mid-July we should get 400 different squares in return!