New Dance Camp Videos

My phone ran out of memory while I was recording my daughter’s summer camp recital. When I realized that I missed the last 2 songs of the medley, I approached a kind looking man with a video camera and exchanged email addresses, hoping he might send me his footage. He did and it is way better quality than what I had anyway. Here are the 2 videos. (Because he was recording to capture his daughter, he left out the tap number in between these 2 segments)

Pumpkin Mask

While we were drawing animal pictures, my daughter brought up acting. She said she might like being in a play but was afraid she would have stage fright. I told her that lots of people have stage fright and that practicing makes it better. I also got out a book on theater games and skits to see if she was interested in any of them. She loved the first game, which was getting into character by pretending you were wearing different kinds of shoes…moon boots, high heels, roller skates, etc. While I looked through the book for more she would enjoy, she saw masks on the book cover and set off to make one. Here is her paper plate pumpkin mask. She wore it with pride while singing and dancing to “This is Halloween” from Just Dance 3!

She wanted me to take pictures of the different moves.