Granny Square Crochet Bag

My daughter is heading to dance camp next week and my current knitting project was becoming tedious, so I decided to make something quick and colorful for her…a granny square bag for her shoes. It is supposed to be lined, but my track record isn’t so great with that. And she doesn’t seem to care. And I have already started another bag. Bah. The instructions for the granny square bag can be found here.

New squares.

Finishing Another UFO

I finished the Totoro bag and the fingerless mitts I was knitting and still wanted to work on more projects. I decided to work on a pair of socks I had started before the move, but when I went to get them out of the cedar chest, I also found some other unfinished objects (UFO’s).

One of them was a crocheted cotton bag I started over a year ago. All it needed was the handle to be finished and the yarn ends woven in. One telephone call to a friend later, it is finally done!