Milk Carton Luminaries

Moving along with our recycling/decorating efforts, I cut silhouettes out of milk cartons to make luminaries. My daughter picked out the images online and I cut them out using good pointy scissors. The instructions I found suggested using an exacto knife. After the first cut, I knew that was crazy and would lead to a ruined project, bloodletting, or both.

I need to test them out in the dark to see if I care enough to paint them too.

ETA: I did paint them. The cow jumping over the cat bugged me, lol.

Polymer Clay

The kids and I played with polymer clay today. We started off making beads, exploring the clay tools, and building cute animals. Then we got into the Halloween theme and began making eyeballs, skulls, fingers and more. We had a great time singing to Pandora radio and hanging out creating together.

I also used a little bit of extra clay to repair one of me son’s guys from the last time we used clay.