New Science Crush

Where does the carbon on Earth come from? How does it make its way into all of the diverse life forms on the planet? How does body size affect the properties of an animal? How does evolution work? How do the laws of physics govern life?

My son and I have been watching lots of YouTube science shows and lots of documentaries lately.  The most striking one for me has been a five episode series called “The Wonders of Life”.  It seamlessly blends biology and chemistry and physics into an easy to understand, beautiful package. I wish this had been around when I was in school!

It also introduced me to my new science crush, Brian Cox. Watching intelligent men being passionate about science is pretty awesome- Neil DeGrasse Tyson has been my science crush for awhile, lol.

We have been watching on Curiosity Stream and I found some other documentaries by Brian Cox to watch soon.

Orchid Mania

We visited the Cleveland Botanical Gardens on Friday along with several other homeschooling families. The gardens were having a special orchid event and I had never taken the kids there before. Seemed like a great idea.

The entry was filled with all different kinds of orchids.

These ones looked like snake fangs.

Inside the glass house, we were surrounded by butterflies and birds. And also people. Lots of people. I expected the gardens to be fairly empty at 1:00 on a Friday afternoon. It was not-it was bustling and a bit difficult to stand out of the way long enough to really watch the animals.

 As we moved into the desert area, space opened up. I really enjoyed seeing the spiny plants and desert animals. This part was a big winner with the kids too. The chameleons, tortoises and hedgehogs were highlights.



Overall, we really liked it there and are planning to go back when the weather warms up enough to go outside as well.