Thrift Store Finds

I haven’t done much thrift shopping since moving back to Ohio. This week I decided to remedy that. I hit the local store with a friend looking for new tea cups for our Tuesday Tea Times and whatever else might be there. It was fun and I got good stuff!

2 new cups

2 puzzles, one of which we put together right away.

It was missing 3 pieces. The other puzzle was still shrink wrapped, so I assume they will all be there.

Fun fact- it never occurred to me to check how many pieces were in a “1,000 piece puzzle”. Apparently, not necessarily a thousand! This one would have had 1,008.

I also picked up a set of double nines dominoes, which I thought was missing a piece (due to the empty space in the case). Some checking at home revealed it was indeed a full set.

My daughter and I played to a hundred. She shredded me with a score of 220 to 29. The last round was a doozy. The pips going up to nine makes for potentially large scores and difficult point counting.

New Puzzle

I was talking with a friend about some of the puzzles we have done this year and how I love puzzles, but sometimes they seem so expensive to buy new. I also admitted to counting the puzzle pieces whenever I bought kids’ puzzles from the thrift store. Now that we do 500-1000 piece puzzles, I didn’t want to count them. She suggested looking at it as a surprise to find out at the end if you have them all. With that in mind, I picked up a puzzle at the thrift store when we bought clothes.

Surprise! Only 3 missing and we had a great time putting it together 🙂