We Found Them!

Our Pokemon cards and bags, that is 🙂

We discovered they were missing on the way to a friend’s birthday party awhile back and I just couldn’t figure out where they were. I called my dad and one of the moms we hang out with asking if we had somehow left them at their homes. I searched the house over and over, wondering aloud how they could possibly be missing in a house the size of ours which had been recently cleaned. In the end, I gave up.

Then, today, it occured to me that we HAD taken the decks to those houses. And that I had probably packed them for the way home. (You see, I generally tote loads of snacks, craft stuff, etc. with us and wind up doing most of the carrying to and from the car) I thought a bit about how I had been carrying stuff and remembered my milk crate full of wool felt and crochet stuff I had been using while making holiday gifts. I opened the cabinet where it was stashed and sure enough- there they were! Right in amongst the felt and a crocheted bag I had forgotten I was ever working on. Of course! Why wouldn’t they be?

Now we are back in business…