We met up with some friends at the local school today so that our kids could try out kickball. It was a whole bunch of chaotic fun and the kids want to try it again. I didn’t get any action shots because I was either playing or helping a kid during the kickball part of the night. Afterwards I did catch a few shots when the kids were hanging out and then rolling down the hill.

The girls played in the sand too.

Bonus shot of my son cuz I managed to miss him in the rest of the pictures.

Schoolyard Playground

The kids and I headed down the street to check out the elementary school the other night. In front of the building was a small playground and though I was kind of shocked at how small it was, we made a go of it for awhile. Eventually the kids were ready to move on and I suggested that we could check behind the school on the way home. Paydirt! We found a gigantic playground with swings and tons of monkey bars and climbing structures. We stayed until it got dark 🙂