Family BirthdayΒ 

 We celebrated my daughter’s birthday with some family before her friends came over today.

Last night she decided to color her hair to usher in her new teenage status.  


She got handmade presents from me- a mermaid tail blanket and a Dharma shark zippered pouch. (LOST is her favorite show and the shark is her favorite “character”) We also got her a ukulele bag for her uke.




She received lots of fantastic clothes, some candy, and a puzzle from family.

Knitting and Crocheting

I haven’t posted any of my knit or crochet projects in a long time. Figured I would remedy that πŸ™‚

Hue Shift Blanket- this was a collaborative project I helped with. We made this blanket for a mom undergoing chemotherapy.

First in a pair of fingerless mitts. They became a Christmas present, but I forgot to take a final picture of them.

Valentine Wreath to brighten up the house. I made 2 because I loved it so much.

Pair of fingerless mitts I made for my daughter. They used the same pattern as the pink pair I made.


Turn a Square hat that I made for J.

Cowl I made for my friend

Crocheted Frisbee


Sock yarn blanket

Baby sweater and loafers in progress

Granny Square Crochet Bag

My daughter is heading to dance camp next week and my current knitting project was becoming tedious, so I decided to make something quick and colorful for her…a granny square bag for her shoes. It is supposed to be lined, but my track record isn’t so great with that. And she doesn’t seem to care. And I have already started another bag. Bah. The instructions for the granny square bag can be found here.

New squares.

Finishing Another UFO

I finished the Totoro bag and the fingerless mitts I was knitting and still wanted to work on more projects. I decided to work on a pair of socks I had started before the move, but when I went to get them out of the cedar chest, I also found some other unfinished objects (UFO’s).

One of them was a crocheted cotton bag I started over a year ago. All it needed was the handle to be finished and the yarn ends woven in. One telephone call to a friend later, it is finally done!

Origami Socks?


I just completed these socks for my daughter today. I worked on them in the mornings while folks were still sleeping. They are really cool because I crocheted them totally flat from this pattern. When that was done, I stitched them up and voila!- socks that fit! A very nice thing about the pattern is that you make it using measurements of the foot, so no trying on is necessary (or even possible until you are done). You also don’t need stitch markers as you work things back and forth in rectangular shapes for the majority of the sock πŸ™‚

I used striping yarn so that added a bit of fiddlyness to them, but it wasn’t much extra work to make them match.

Here are the action shots:


Finished another UFO (unfinished object)

I ran out of steam last year while working on my daughter’s socks when the yarn for the second sock ran out before it completed the last repeat.

I decided to use some of the leftover yarn from my recent socks to finish up the heels and ribbing on her pair. It came out pretty well although this yarn was much thinner so the heel is a little sparse on yarn. I am hoping a few washes will fuzz them up and fill it in…




More Socks!

We recently had a new “Hobby Lobby” open in a nearby town and I was itching to go look at their yarn. So today, the kids and I had a great afternoon together hitting a “Steak and Shake” on the way and then checking it out. My daughter picked out some yarn for socks for her and I bought 2 skeins, thinking I might make a pair for me and a pair for her.

I started with mine.
I am using the pattern “Easy Does It” from the book “Crocheted Socks! 16 Fun to Stitch Patterns”. The pattern is pretty simple and I learned how to do a new stitch, which I love. It is a foundation dc, which makes chaining unecessary! It is also nice and stretchy, which is good as these are top-down socks πŸ™‚

I had some trouble at one point as there was a knot in the yarn and it took several rows in each sock before I realize that the pattern had reversed in the sock with the knotted yarn. They had tied on a new yarn with the stipes going in the other direction! I decided to rip it back, re-roll the yarn, and try to match up the stripe pattern so the socks would match. Let’s just say that I wasn’t very happy with the yarn company! After that, it was pretty smooth sailing. This is the first time I tried a flap heel, so that was kinda neat. The instructions for after the heel were not written correctly, but that was easy enough to figure out, so I assumed what should have been written and they have been looking good. I am almost to the point where I can start decreasing for the toes πŸ™‚



T-shirt Rug

Well, part of one at least…

While cleaning up the craft room, I found a stack of J’s old dingy t-shirts that I was going to turn into rags. Today, however, I decided on something more ambitious. I decided to cut them up into strips to dye and then crochet a rug from the resulting “t-shirt yarn”.

The cutting went smoothly and I made several nice balls. I tested one out to see if it could be crocheted with the large hook I had.

My daughter helped me wet and dye the strips using our fabric dyes.




I crocheted the stuff into a rectangle. Unfortunately, 6 shirts doesn’t get you that far, so I am gonna wait for some more and then work a border around and around until I get a useful size.

The stitches do look pretty πŸ™‚

Shawl in Progress

I have been casting about lately, having a hard time picking projects to work on and not wanting to finish any old ones. As I was sitting around chilly the other morning, I decided I wanted to make a project for me- a shawl. I had a few skeins of yarn around that I thought would be a good match for the project- the “Cozy Comfort Prayer Shawl”.

I have made a ton of progress on it so far and I love the pattern! It is a simple repeat and it works up very quickly. I am going to add more to each end, as I want it to be longer than it is.


Another Spikey Ball

The first spikey ball I made has been a kid toy in our house since I finished it about a month ago. When friends come over, they have been enjoying it too. Off-hand, one off my friends mentioned she would like it if I could make one for her son who happens to be having a birthday in 2 weeks. I like it when I know what to make. It is so much easier than searching patterns and trying to pick colors! So I jumped on it and decided to make one for him with a variegated yarn from my stash.

This time, I followed the directions for connecting the spikes as I worked (instead of the insane method I made up last time of stitching them together after). I also made the spikes a bit smaller by taking out three rounds of the pattern. I worked the spikes in spirals to avoid the seam line from joining as well.

Here is my new spikey ball: