Family BirthdayΒ 

 We celebrated my daughter’s birthday with some family before her friends came over today.

Last night she decided to color her hair to usher in her new teenage status.  


She got handmade presents from me- a mermaid tail blanket and a Dharma shark zippered pouch. (LOST is her favorite show and the shark is her favorite “character”) We also got her a ukulele bag for her uke.




She received lots of fantastic clothes, some candy, and a puzzle from family.

Knitting and Crocheting

I haven’t posted any of my knit or crochet projects in a long time. Figured I would remedy that πŸ™‚

Hue Shift Blanket- this was a collaborative project I helped with. We made this blanket for a mom undergoing chemotherapy.

First in a pair of fingerless mitts. They became a Christmas present, but I forgot to take a final picture of them.

Valentine Wreath to brighten up the house. I made 2 because I loved it so much.

Pair of fingerless mitts I made for my daughter. They used the same pattern as the pink pair I made.


Turn a Square hat that I made for J.

Cowl I made for my friend

Crocheted Frisbee


Sock yarn blanket

Baby sweater and loafers in progress

Granny Square Crochet Bag

My daughter is heading to dance camp next week and my current knitting project was becoming tedious, so I decided to make something quick and colorful for her…a granny square bag for her shoes. It is supposed to be lined, but my track record isn’t so great with that. And she doesn’t seem to care. And I have already started another bag. Bah. The instructions for the granny square bag can be found here.

New squares.


Baby Surprise Jacket. I am almost done with this project. I followed Elizabeth Zimmerman’s ideas for knitting up a strange-shaped garter stitch blob that magically transforms into a baby sweater when you fold it. I made it harder on myself by using a different cast on, extending the sleeves, and adding a collar. I haven’t picked buttons yet, but I am happy with how it came out. And I adore the squishiness of the Knit Picks Felici sport weight yarn I used. I am glad I snagged a bunch when it was duscontinued!

First EZ Pattern

That is “Elizabeth Zimmerman” for non- knitters. She was an interesting knitter with a brain for unique knitting instructions… No line by line help here! She expects you to think and try things out and personalize them for your own use.

I have been reading her books and itching to try one out. I decided I would cast on for a Tomten jacket for a friend’s doll. She loves orange so I picked that and some accent colors and set to work. This pattern was fun and easily adjusted as I knit. I learned a few new techniques that I will definitely use again like garter stitch short rows (to make the back slightly longer than the front) and attached I-cord trim. It was quick and fun to make! I am already ready to start a new EZ design.

Sewing pants and leggings

My daughter runs a bit on the narrow side, so much so that typically only buttonhole elastic adjustable pants fit her. The problem? She lives in jeans and pajamas and wants to have soft pants and leggings.

The solution?- I need to make her some πŸ™‚

We hit the thrift store together to buy clothes to deconstruct for our fabric needs. I also hit the Internet to figure out how to size things to fit her tall, skinny frame.

After a bit of pattern making, we have a finished pair of green linen pants that she loves and 2 pairs of leggings that are not yet finished.

Here she is modeling a pair of leggings pre- deconstruction, lol.

Here are some in progress and the finished pants waiting to be pressed.

Coffee Cozy

I know I am weird with all my handmade stuff. I just can’t seem to help it…sometimes I feel compelled to make something for someone even if I don’t know exactly what IT is.

One of my closest friends had a birthday last week and I wanted to make something that wouldn’t be a garment as they take too long and are personal in terms of styles and colors. I would want clothing to be just right.

She enjoys a good cup of coffee from Starbucks on a regular basis, so I decided on a coffee cozy to replace the little cardboard sleeves they give you so you don’t burn yourself.

I decided to try knitting a pattern using 2 yarns this time since the project was small and fit wasn’t an issue so much. I made it from wool yarns and then fulled them to make a denser, smaller sleeve.

After fulling: