Foam Flower Garland

Ever since Christmas, we have been working on adding decorations to the house. We started with snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and stuck on the windows. In February, we replaced many of the snowflakes with hearts and I crocheted a heart wreath. At this point, I am sick of winter and I want the snowflakes to get boxed up until next year.

When my daughter and I were out shopping, I saw these foam stickers that screamed spring at me. I couldn’t resist and bought two bags 🙂

Over a few days, we have combined the stickers to make birds, butterflies, and flowers. They will get turned into a garland for the house.


We have been trying to play more outdoors lately and helping the kids get more experience with things like riding bikes, throwing and catching a football, and playing basketball. We started off using the neighbor’s hoop but soon decided to upgrade to an adjustable hoop in our own driveway. Everyone in the house likes it and has made some great shots. The other day was a bit warm, so the sprinklers got pulled into the fun.

It Finally Feels Like Spring

The weather was great today!!! My son and I played catch with the football and ran a bunch of races to the neighbor’s mailbox and back this morning.

My daughter played on the swings and in the yard with a friend in the afternoon.

Tonight, J. helped both kids with their bikes and chopped up our Christmas tree. I lit a fire. The kids whittled sticks and ate gigantic marshmallows.

My daughter finished up on the trampoline.

Nice 🙂

I Made Something I Pinned

Pinterest is great for craft porn, but I don’t follow up on most of the things I pin. Today, my daughter offered to clear off her bookshelf in her room which was serving as a divided fridge/freezer for her dolls so she could make room for….books!

I told her I had an idea that would let her keep it the way it was if she would like a bookshelf hanging on her wall. I showed her the picture of it on Pinterest and she was sold 🙂

We hit Hobby Lobby for 2 curtain rods and wall mounts and she picked out some fabric. I sewed the fabric into a simple tube and put both rods through the middle of the tube and then hung them up creating a “U” shaped pocket between the rods, perfect for holding her books.

She loves it!

While we were putting it up, she also decided to put up the curio shelves she got from my mom. She was so excited to search through her room for the perfect items to display!

When we were done, she poured through doll clothes pattern books and then read a story book to break in her reading nook.

Halloween is Coming

So we need to decorate! The kids did our windows with plastic cling film decorations and then some neighbors came and helped us with our stuffed skeleton, some little ghosts, leaf pumpkin bags, and polyfill spiderwebs. I hung the garland from last year.

It was a really nice fall day and the kids wound up playing in the backyard. We met some new neighbors and they have a boy and 2 girls, all 7-11. The 9 yo girl came to play and she and my daughter hit it off.

Carpet Squares

About 2 weeks ago, I finally buckled down and got to work on installing the carpet squares for our basement with the hopes of having it all finished for my daughter’s birthday. I got close enough… There are 3 left to be cut in a hidden corner, but the rest look lovely. The kids decided on a spiral pattern that comes out from the post in the center of the room. Here it is in progress.

Installing the carpet led to lots of fun in the basement with wii Fit and wii Sports and Just Dance 3!

Feels Like Summer

Sunday was pretty darn hot so we set up the pool from my MIL and the kids had hours of fun.

The boys played a shark game involving trying to grab someone while underwater with your eyes closed. If you got caught, you became the shark and the previous shark got out of the pool.

The girls enjoyed running up the drive and jumping into the pool together and practicing a dance on the driveway.

Nice Weather

The beautiful weather brought all the neighbors outside this weekend! We chatted more with the folks next door and then met 2 more families. The kids made friends with a boy who lives behind us and 2 boys who are down our street. All the kids were from 8-11 in age, so it was pretty cool. The dad of the 2 boys actually went to the same college as J and me and at the same time. It should be a nice spring/ summer in our new house if this was any indication.

Nice Weather

The weather was so great, we headed out to play in the backyard today. We started off with Frisbee which my son loves and my daughter swears she is bad at. Then we moved on to football throwing, jumping, looking for living things, finding new flowers growing, balancing on stuff, and unfortunately my daughter sliding on gravel with both hands. That ended our play and sent us inside. My son made quesadillas for them and tried to cheer her up.

Patio Games

Our new patio went in yesterday and the kids decided to break it in with a game of checkers. Of course, despite 2 cabinets full of games, we didn’t have a checkerboard! I decided to wing it and made one out of an old board game and some painter’s tape. Poker chips stood in for the checkers, LOL. My son and I got most of the way into a game when our cat caught a baby bird and went running through the yard with it. Play stopped while we grabbed a video camera and watched. Eventually, J. grabbed our cat and took him inside, letting the baby bird escape.

Checkers then got postponed until today.
Checkers then led to lots of other games…







No pics of the patio yet.

Room Pictures

I have kept up with the cleaning and decluttering and have 2 more rooms to show for it 🙂

Here is my craft room (which some of you know had become our dumping ground). I actually love looking in here now!


Here are pictures of my daughter’s room with the new bed put together. It is just waiting on the bedding she picked out and some outlet covers.





New Bed

My daughter has been jealous for awhile about her brother’s new bed. His is big enough that he can easily have sleepovers on the bottom bunk (a full size) and the two of them often hang out in there to play with their stuffties.

After having a bit of trouble with the cats peeing under her loft, we decided to get her a new bed as well to get it up off the floor and to put storage underneath it to keep the cats away from the area. I went a step futher and cut up a bit of the old carpet and put down an area rug instead which will also be hidden underneath. Hopefully all of these measures will make her room much more pleasant!

When the bed frame arrived, I set to work putting it together and the kids set to work helping me…. for a few minutes Then they played with Legos on top of the huge box it came in.








Cleaning Up

While J. was gone, I decided to give FlyLady another try and now that he is home again my plan is in full swing.

Today, I steam cleaned the carpets that I was certain would never look decent again and they now look……remarkable decent 🙂


I have been decluttering room by room and getting the stuff out of the house to friends and charities.

All this new found space and order has given the kids (and me) some renewed creativity. My daughter was lamenting the fact that she didn’t have a treasure chest like her brother’s which led to me cutting up a cardboard box, shaping it, and turning it silver with duct tape. She took over from there with the decorating and filling.



K’Nex weapons made by my son.
Tiger claws (instead of Wolverine)

Tiger handcuff

Tiger whip

Tiger gun

Tiger vision

Tiger bow and arrow



While he was all about the weapons, my daughter made a picture frame and a picture to go in it. It is her as her alter ego- a cat named “Sunshine”.


After K’nex, it was time to be a kitty. And have a broken leg. The toilet paper didn’t hold up that well and led to us getting out the real bandages…



Finally, they made a boat out of an old container, a popsicle stick and some paper. After testing it in the sink and finding it seaworthy, it went into the bath. Man overboard!