Foam Flower Garland

Ever since Christmas, we have been working on adding decorations to the house. We started with snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and stuck on the windows. In February, we replaced many of the snowflakes with hearts and I crocheted a heart wreath. At this point, I am sick of winter and I want the snowflakes to get boxed up until next year.

When my daughter and I were out shopping, I saw these foam stickers that screamed spring at me. I couldn’t resist and bought two bags 🙂

Over a few days, we have combined the stickers to make birds, butterflies, and flowers. They will get turned into a garland for the house.



We have been trying to play more outdoors lately and helping the kids get more experience with things like riding bikes, throwing and catching a football, and playing basketball. We started off using the neighbor’s hoop but soon decided to upgrade to an adjustable hoop in our own driveway. Everyone in the house likes it and has made some great shots. The other day was a bit warm, so the sprinklers got pulled into the fun.


It Finally Feels Like Spring

The weather was great today!!! My son and I played catch with the football and ran a bunch of races to the neighbor’s mailbox and back this morning.

My daughter played on the swings and in the yard with a friend in the afternoon.

Tonight, J. helped both kids with their bikes and chopped up our Christmas tree. I lit a fire. The kids whittled sticks and ate gigantic marshmallows.

My daughter finished up on the trampoline.

Nice 🙂



The kids had a friend over yesterday and it was nice enough to play outside! The stuffed animals played with our deer decorations.


Seven Words

I found a new app I enjoy called Seven Little Words. My daughter hung out with me in the hammock and played tonight. Here is a sample.

Self portraits in the hammock.


Obstacle Courses

I have been rearranging again, trying to get the house ready for winter. I wanted more active stuff inside and I was inspired to finally hang our swings and hammock in the basement. They are hard mounted this time as the kids have grown a bunch in a year and a half!

Tonight, the kids and I made up obstacle courses for each other. Totally fun!!!

Random goofy shots: