This week we headed to a bit of the Metroparks called Worden’s Ledges for hiking and exploration and then continued on down the road to hang out at the Hinkley Spillway.

The ledges featured great logs and rocks for climbing as well as rock carvings from the 1940’s.

The spillway was a great place to hang out in the shade, play some games, and check out the animals (snakes, crayfish, ducks, and lots of cicadas). And there were milkshakes. Yummmm.

13th Birthday Party

My daughter has been wanting to do henna here for a long time. We decided that her birthday party with her friends would be a good time to go ahead and do it. She also picked out some other activities and added to the ideas until a bunch of girls slept over. It was a huge success!


13 is not too old for running through the sprinklers:

PiΓ±ata in the basement (to keep the candy away from all the cicada exoskeletons littering our backyard):

Fun with plastic bubbles:

Dessert and candy cigarettes (her favorite candy):

Glitter Tattoos:

Ready for sleep: