I Made Something I Pinned

Pinterest is great for craft porn, but I don’t follow up on most of the things I pin. Today, my daughter offered to clear off her bookshelf in her room which was serving as a divided fridge/freezer for her dolls so she could make room for….books!

I told her I had an idea that would let her keep it the way it was if she would like a bookshelf hanging on her wall. I showed her the picture of it on Pinterest and she was sold πŸ™‚

We hit Hobby Lobby for 2 curtain rods and wall mounts and she picked out some fabric. I sewed the fabric into a simple tube and put both rods through the middle of the tube and then hung them up creating a “U” shaped pocket between the rods, perfect for holding her books.

She loves it!

While we were putting it up, she also decided to put up the curio shelves she got from my mom. She was so excited to search through her room for the perfect items to display!

When we were done, she poured through doll clothes pattern books and then read a story book to break in her reading nook.

Doll Shoes

Apparently, I am out of the loop enough to not have heard of “Toms” before now. They are some kind of slip-on canvas shoe. However, the 18 inch doll world connects me with such fashionable things through my daughter. This time we found a pattern to make doll “Toms”.

They were not the easiest things to sew and it shows in the final result. My daughter likes them though and I have learned from my mistakes on this pair, so any future pair should come out better. We left off the signature slanted toe pieces because my daughter didn’t like the look of them.

The great part is that Natalie (my daughter’s doll) can stand on her own now because the shoes are flat and sturdy.


When I was out with a friend a few weeks ago, I picked up a kit from the clearance section of the bookstore. It was a kit to make plush aliens . When I opened it, it was not what I was expecting; I thought it was going to be pre-punched felt shapes to sew together to make the monsters on the box. Instead I found a rather nice book and a stack of a few basic supplies- felt squares, safety eyes, and a bit of fiber fill.

I shared the book with the kids. My son had been asking to sew again (thus my picking up the kit in the first place). He loved the book and immediately picked out an alien he wanted to make. My daughter decided to focus on other projects.

Getting the pattern enlarged and printed was not fun for me. To get started right away and try to avoid a copy shop, I resorted to using tracing paper, a scanner, an imaging program, and our printer. After much trial and error to print them the right sizes, I had to tape the pieces together to make the patterns.The box shows cute, little aliens. The book contains many larger aliens. To make them, not only must you enlarge all the patterns, you also need to buy fleece or felt large enough. This led to us going out anyway to make a trip to the fabric store to pick out colors of fleece.

Luckily, things were much easier from here on out. My son cut out the fleece shapes, learned how to use the sewing machine again, and did the body sewing with minimal help from me. I did sew the mouth part because zippers in tiny spaces are a bit tough. He did the body stuffing and then we closed him up.

His name is “Marble” because you can tuck coins or marbles in his mouth.

Important Things

I had a good, long talk with my daughter the other night about my parenting. She pointed out that I often say I will do things, but then take a long time to get around to doing them.

I decided my parenting could use some help, so I have started to ask the kids to prioritize the most important things they need from me. So far, this has been very beneficial.

My daughter picked her 3 biggest things she wanted me to tackle this week. First, we went for an eye exam for her and ordered glasses. This had been put off because she is not really struggling and life got in the way. Second, she wants me to work on installing the carpet squares in the basement as I told her she could have friends over for a dance down there. Yesterday we bought the metal ruler to make the cutting possible. Third, she wanted me to finish sewing a shirt we had started together a few months ago. Today-It is done!

I used the same approach with my son to find out what was most important to him. Last night, it was getting back to playing games together at night. We played “Apples to Apples” as a family. He also chose to do the first chapter in the programming course he asked for. Today he chose to play our homemade battle card game. We played twice and had a blast!

I am hoping that by encouraging them to tell me their priorities, I can focus on what is most important instead of getting overwhelmed with the beginnings of lots of things and leaving them feeling like I don’t listen or worse that I don’t care enough to follow through.

Boy’s Doll

My son had the idea to make voodoo dolls for Halloween decorations and drew one he thought I could make. After I started sewing it though, he said it was too cute and he could never stab it. He also asked me to change the mouth because he thought it looked sad. Then he declared it would just be a regular doll for him because he wanted to prove the neighbor wrong.

She said boys can’t have dolls.

Anyway, he is finished and my son loves him. His name is Mojo, for good luck.

Spring Clamp Bag

My daughter and her friend have been making lots of forts lately using our blankets and sheets, chairs, her bunkbed, and lots of….

Which. Sticks. To. Everything. And. Doesn’t. Easily. Come. Off.

Enter my solution…a bunch of spring clamps in 2 different sizes to secure all the layers.
They needed a home.
Here is my latest bag- a lined drawstring bag with cute clamps on the outside πŸ™‚

Hey, It works for Hef

My daughter has been into Barbie type dolls lately and I have been helping her gather some from the thrift stores as I find them. She specifically asked for some boy dolls and this week I found 2 of them! Unfortunately, they were both naked. The issue became more apparent after my step-mom helped to try to clothe them in old t-shirt scraps while they were here for a visit on friday.

While at the fabric store yesterday, I decided to pick up a pattern to make them some actual clothes. I started with the easiest pattern- pants. I had an old shirt a friend had given to me that was just begging to be made into pajama pants. Really!



Buoyed in confidence from my early success, I made him a shirt this morning complete with a collar and everything!


Needless to say, all the ladies love it.

Easy Pillow Cover/ Remote Control Holder

This is one of the easiest projects I have seen in a long time… easy enough that I immediately pulled an old shirt out of the closet and stitched one up.

All you do is cut the front and the back off an old shirt and sew them all the way around in a square shape with right sides together. There isn’t any need to leave a gap to turn it right-side out as there are buttons which create a way to do just that.

Cut, sew, turn right-side out, stuff with old pillow. Enjoy πŸ™‚


He got lonely.


Finally, Craftiness Strikes Again

I have been skulking about the house looking at half finished projects this week, not knowing what to work on. I decided to ignore them all and take a hot bath with my new book- One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Fabric Projects; Look How Much You Can Make with Just One Yard of Fabric!.


This book has been on my wish list and I was looking forward to getting it. One of the homeschooling moms we know even has a pattern published in it! I finally bought a copy with the Amazon gift cert.’s I got from December’s spending binge. I am so glad I did. I love this book!

Not only did I learn a few new things, like how to do a blindstitch to close seams, I also got inspired to actually get out my machine and sew (and use some of the fabric that lurks under my bed).

Today, I finished up more heating pads that were waiting to be done and made some brand new ones with my daughter.