J is turning 40!

My husband is turning 40 and we are having a party!

The kids helped me make a big sign so people would know that our house was hosting a bday party vs. the Estate Sale being held next door.

My son helped mix and paint the blue background. My daughter helped paint and glue on plastic gems 🙂

We had a clown/ magician/ balloon guy! J. Was a great sport!

So was his dad…

We had tons of food. And cake.

It was nice so many friends and family members could come!

Renaissance Festival

Yesterday we went to a Renaissance Festival south of Columbus. The site where it was held was magnificent- several acres of stone and wooden buildings, roadways, games, and human-powered rides.

We started off with games and rides.

The costumes people were wearing were spectacular and many folks stopped and chatted with us and showed off their claws, swords, helmets, etc.

The shops were full of unique finds. The kids settled on wooden swords and shields for mementos.

Here are some of the buildings and a yarn-bombed tree.

The kids ran through a giant maze that ended with a slide and folks shared some funnel cakes.

My son met an early death.

And had a magical reawakening.

J. and I became royalty.

And we exited the castle with plans to return.


We received a large package in the mail this week and the kids immediately claimed the box. After taping the end shut and cutting a door, it quickly became a rocket ship when on its end and a car and a coffin when it was laid flat. This led to scurrying to find the dress up clothes to become a vampire and then a skeleton. It also led to talk of Halloween costumes 🙂

It is now set up with a blanket and pillow inside. My son likes it for a “getaway”.

Pumpkin Mask

While we were drawing animal pictures, my daughter brought up acting. She said she might like being in a play but was afraid she would have stage fright. I told her that lots of people have stage fright and that practicing makes it better. I also got out a book on theater games and skits to see if she was interested in any of them. She loved the first game, which was getting into character by pretending you were wearing different kinds of shoes…moon boots, high heels, roller skates, etc. While I looked through the book for more she would enjoy, she saw masks on the book cover and set off to make one. Here is her paper plate pumpkin mask. She wore it with pride while singing and dancing to “This is Halloween” from Just Dance 3!

She wanted me to take pictures of the different moves.

80’s Night

Tonight is the last “Tween Night” before we head back to Ohio. My daughter is psyched about the theme which is “80’s Night”!

We dug through her clothes to find something usable and then hit up Target for leg-warmers and lip gloss.
The earrings are mine from the 80’s and the bracelets and make-up are from our dress-up stuff. She likes her hair up on top of her head and her nails are bright neon colors.

She is so excited!