Our First Tuesday Tea and Poetry

I have been slowly gathering up supplies for our first “Tuesday Tea and Poetry” day in the tradition of the Brave Writer Lifestyle. Lots of books have been purchased and we are continuing to gather tea cups and fancy dishes as we come across them in thrift stores or on other outings.

Today, my son helped me get everything set up while his sister was playing with a friend. He was very excited and thought we should call it “Fancy Day!” We used an old quilt for a tablecloth and brought in flowers. We put out snacks and books and then let the girls in on the surprise. They had been on their way outside to play, but agreed to try it out.

Success! From the moment we started reading, they loved every minute! We took turns sharing and listening. We heard poems about a drumstick, a werewolf, William Tell, a man with clothes made out of food and dead animals, summertime and a baby cow, pranks played on a dad, and more. My son surprised me the most. I wasn’t sure how he would like it, but he seemed to enjoy it best of all and wanted to stay and read stories when we were done.

So he did read to me – “Just So Stories” by Rudyard Kipling. He has listened to the audio book many times (all 3 1/2 hours of it) and he liked reading the first story and poem to me in his fancy, expressive voice with a bit of a Brittish accent.

Everyone is looking forward to next week! I will need to dig up a stash of special snacks.

Geronimo Stilton

My daughter just finished her third Geronimo Stilton book. This is a really big deal to her as she read them out loud all by herself. This is the first year she read whole books instead of just bits with me and she was very insistent that I not help or read ahead.

She made this bookmark to mark her spot.

Number Jugglers

I have had this book since the kids were small. Today, I pulled it out and played a few of the games with my son.

The first game has a simple goal. Deal out cards and then try to make each of the numbers from 1-9 by using your cards. You can add, subtract, multiply, or divide in any order. You can use each card 1 time maximum in each equation. We started off with 10 cards. Too easy. 6 cards. Still too easy. Then 4 cards. Really easy except for making 1 of the numbers. I was about to give up when my son figured out the answer! See if you can get them all.

Then we played an even/ odd number game that we renamed unicorn or balls. Not quite as interesting.

I really like this book and plan on continuing with more of the games. As you progress through the book, there are lots of pre-algebra type skills…keeping equations balanced by doing the same thing (or an equivalent) to each side, dividing numbers by themselves to get a number 1 to work with, maintaining what you have by multiplying by 1. Good stuff.

There is also a book/card set called “Fraction Jugglers” that I plan on getting in the future.

Japan and Ninjas

We are moving on to book 5 in the Magic Tree House books and will be exploring things relating to Japan.

We started off reading a few books and magazines.

My son beat me at a game called “Number Ninjas”. While trying to verify a game rule, we stumbled upon a video game of the same name.

It got hard pretty fast.

We watched “Between the Folds”, a documentary on fantastic Origami artists. My jaw dropped several times. It is simply astounding what they can do with a square of paper!

My daughter and I tried our hands at origami and made boats and balloons.

We listened to Japanese stories on Tales to Go.

The kids love the “Mythical Monsters” book so much, I bough a Japanese Yokai book that is similar plus a guide to Ninja and Samurai.

Only in Japan do they come up with monsters who eat the scum off your bathtub! What a way to get kids to help with cleaning 🙂

Next up is a visit to the art museum and sampling Japanese foods.

Weird Connections

The kids and I started off using polymer clay the other day and then wound up learning about strange meat products. Happens all the time, lol.

Here they are making colors and working on their designs.

My daughter was making miniature food again which led us to this.

She made potatoes and carrots and some breads and then she turned to the deli section.

What is “black pudding”?
Well, it isn’t pudding in our sense of the word…

It led to interesting discussions of other cultures and why things that might seem strange to us are part of everyday life elsewhere.

And of course, more mini food was created.