Family Game Night

My uncle retired a few months ago and since then had been hosting a monthly game night for our extended family. It has now evolved into a rotating event at different houses. This month it was at my dad’s house and we had the added fun of my relatives from Florida being in town as well 🙂 

Catch Phrase:


Caveman Curling:

Face Paint

 These are some of the face paintings my daughter did this past school year. It is really cool to see what she chooses to do and how she goes about it 🙂


This one she did with only white, black, and the 3 primary colors to see how well she could blend to get the other colors she needed.  



Pop Art.  


And some creepiness.


Modern Art.


More creepiness, lol


One of her 3 Halloween costumes.






Miscellaneous work.