Getting Moving

The kids and I spent several hours last night looking through old blog posts. My son’s goal was to pull up the goofiest looking pictures of himself for his friends to Photoshop into even goofier photos. This trip down memory lane led to us realizing that we used to do a larger variety of things than we do now. I wondered if a return to blogging might inspire us to be more aware of how we choose to spend our time. I also thought that my kids are certainly old enough now to help participate in the process of choosing what and how to share our adventures. Part of the reason I stopped blogging several years ago was out of respect for their privacy. They will now get to say what posts are publicly shared and what should remain private. Either way, we will get to have a record of the places, people and things in our lives.

As a start to this process, we decided to get up and out of the house for a walk today. Our destination- the local Rite Aid. It had the built in appeal of snacks 🙂 We enjoyed the lovely spring-ish weather and walking together. We picked up some drinks and munchies and stopped by the park on the way home.


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