Orchid Mania

We visited the Cleveland Botanical Gardens on Friday along with several other homeschooling families. The gardens were having a special orchid event and I had never taken the kids there before. Seemed like a great idea.

The entry was filled with all different kinds of orchids.

These ones looked like snake fangs.

Inside the glass house, we were surrounded by butterflies and birds. And also people. Lots of people. I expected the gardens to be fairly empty at 1:00 on a Friday afternoon. It was not-it was bustling and a bit difficult to stand out of the way long enough to really watch the animals.

 As we moved into the desert area, space opened up. I really enjoyed seeing the spiny plants and desert animals. This part was a big winner with the kids too. The chameleons, tortoises and hedgehogs were highlights.



Overall, we really liked it there and are planning to go back when the weather warms up enough to go outside as well.

Foam Flower Garland

Ever since Christmas, we have been working on adding decorations to the house. We started with snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and stuck on the windows. In February, we replaced many of the snowflakes with hearts and I crocheted a heart wreath. At this point, I am sick of winter and I want the snowflakes to get boxed up until next year.

When my daughter and I were out shopping, I saw these foam stickers that screamed spring at me. I couldn’t resist and bought two bags ­čÖé

Over a few days, we have combined the stickers to make birds, butterflies, and flowers. They will get turned into a garland for the house.

Video Games and Learning to Code

My son has loved video games for over a decade. In the last few years, he has tried out various coding and game design software in an effort to get his ideas onto the screen. He tried two of Youth Digital’s online classes, one for 2-D platforming and one for Minecraft modding. He worked his way through part of a book on using GameMaker (YoYoGames uses this software) and successfully created several games. He spent a little bit of time tinkering with C# and a little bit of time revisiting Scratch (MIT’s online coding program).

The latest program to catch his eye is an app called Hopscotch on the iPad. It was created by the same folks as Scratch and is very similar in design. It has one major difference though, and that is the lack of ability to draw and use your own sprites. Hopscotch uses emojis for all of the in-game items. At first I thought this would bother my son. After seeing him create a game, I now think it was freeing. The program recognizes all of the emojis, so the coding is simpler that the coding in Scratch was as far as collisions, creating solid objects, etc.

He worked out a fairly sophisticated boss battle over a few days, including power-ups and transformations, special enemies that come after you as you take away hit points from the boss, and all of the movement and firing controls.

Here are a few shots of the game editor screen. Each emoji on the screen can be tapped, opening up the coding rules for that object.

At the beginning of the game, any items you don’t want seen need to be set to invisible. They only appear as a result of actions within the game.


Each character or item has several rules associated with it.

Inside each rule is the code for what will happen. In the rule below, when the character bumps into the donut, he becomes invisible and then a snake emoji becomes visible in that same position.


When a bomb bumps into your character, you hear a sound effect and he disappears.

Your character also then turns into a poop emoji.


Here are a few screen shots of the game in action.

The boss spins around and drops bombs at you which open up temporary holes in the ground that you need to avoid lest you fall to your death. You control your character via the touch control in the lower left.
If your character gets to a donut, he transforms into a dragon that can then shoot lightning bolts at the boss and is immune to its attacks for a few seconds. The green star button in the bottom right controls your shooting.

As the boss gets hit, the game makes a sound and he loses hit points represented by the hearts. Certain color hearts cause new enemies to appear. The purple hearts cause a tornado to come after you. If it hits you, you are flung up into the air. Often this means being flung into the boss and instant death. Sometimes you can get lucky and not die.

The blue heart causes an Easter Island Head statue to appear. It charges back and forth across the screen.  If you manage to hit the boss again before it kills you, it disappears. If it hits you, you die.

When you die, you turn into the poop emoji.

It is a very hard game for me to play as you only get one life. He has managed to beat it several times. I am not that surprised after seeing all of the Mario Maker stages he has created and beat on the Nintendo wii u.

Working on this game has sparked his interest in working with Scratch and with YoYo Games again. He has started work on a customized background for a new game.

Getting Moving

The kids and I spent several hours last night looking through old blog posts. My son’s goal was to pull up the goofiest looking pictures of himself for his friends to Photoshop into even goofier photos. This trip down memory lane led to us realizing that we used to do a larger variety of things than we do now. I wondered if a return to blogging might inspire us to be more aware of how we choose to spend our time. I also thought that my kids are certainly old enough now to help participate in the process of choosing what and how to share our adventures. Part of the reason I stopped blogging several years ago was out of respect for their privacy. They will now get to say what posts are publicly shared and what should remain private. Either way, we will get to have a record of the places, people and things in our lives.

As a start to this process, we decided to get up and out of the house for a walk today. Our destination- the local Rite Aid. It had the built in appeal of snacks ­čÖé We enjoyed the lovely spring-ish weather and walking together. We picked up some drinks and munchies and stopped by the park on the way home.


Valentine Party

This year we attended a homeschool Valentine’s Day party. My kids decided not to participate in bringing┬ádecorated boxes or exchanging cards. The weather was super cold, but there was enough snow to sled. After waiting for months to have any accumulation of snow, my daughter was happy to have the chance to hit the hill. My son and I mostly hung out near the outside wood fired heater, but I did do one run down the slope.


Knitting and Crocheting

I haven’t posted any of my knit or crochet projects in a long time. Figured I would remedy that ­čÖé

Hue Shift Blanket- this was a collaborative project I helped with. We made this blanket for a mom undergoing chemotherapy.

First in a pair of fingerless mitts. They became a Christmas present, but I forgot to take a final picture of them.

Valentine Wreath to brighten up the house. I made 2 because I loved it so much.

Pair of fingerless mitts I made for my daughter. They used the same pattern as the pink pair I made.


Turn a Square hat that I made for J.

Cowl I made for my friend

Crocheted Frisbee


Sock yarn blanket

Baby sweater and loafers in progress