Staying up all Night to see the Planets

This year the sky offered up an opportunity to view 5 of our solar system’s planets in a line for a few weeks in late January/early February. The whole family stayed up late to try to see them all. At first, we weren’t sure what we were looking at, but we used an app on the iPad called Sky Guide to help us out. It was fantastic! We had clear skies and a full moon.We easily saw Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. Mercury and Venus unfortunately hid out behind our neighbor’s house.

This was the alignment we found in an image online:

Beautiful full moon

The moon with relation to Jupiter (bright object toward upper left)

Jupiter by Virgo’s head with Mars below her feet

The kids easily stayed up all night. J and I needed naps, lol.

Special FX Course

My daughter signed up for one of the courses (formerly known as camps) with this past month. The course included building a tripod, using camera skills like forced perspective and turning day into night, creating a 6 second comedy video, and learning how to use split screens, separate sounds, create stop motion, and more.

In general, I think she really enjoys the material included in the courses, but she sometimes stresses herself out over the timeline as a new skill to learn is posted every day for 3-4 weeks, depending on the course.