New Dance Camp Videos

My phone ran out of memory while I was recording my daughter’s summer camp recital. When I realized that I missed the last 2 songs of the medley, I approached a kind looking man with a video camera and exchanged email addresses, hoping he might send me his footage. He did and it is way better quality than what I had anyway. Here are the 2 videos. (Because he was recording to capture his daughter, he left out the tap number in between these 2 segments)

More Cake Pops

After our initial success with the Kirby cake pops, my daughter wanted to make more. While we were browsing webpages looking at supplies, I found a cake pop/ donut hole machine for under $20. It seemed worth a try. It cuts out heating up the big oven and means that the cake pop has a cupcake middle instead of cake and icing which was pretty doughy and super sweet.

I tried it out first with GF muffin mix as a surprise for our Tuesday Tea Time. It worked perfectly. They came out nice and round and were quickly devoured!

My daughter and I decided to try making chocolate ones for a 4th of July party.

People gave us compliments on them 🙂