Doll Stuff

I have been posting about the stuff my daughter is working on for her dolls. She has recently made a few more things.

She made a carseat for a doll to ride in using cardboard, fabric, fleece, hot glue, ribbon, and a plastic gem.

She made a skateboard for them using foam, fabric, wooden skewers, and buttons. The wheels actually turn!
She also made a helmet using half of a plastic Easter egg and some foam.

She made some furniture and food. Some of these might be repeats.

She has watched a bunch of tutorials for making doll stuff on YouTube. One channel in particular, called MyFroggyStuff, has great videos:

Her Barbie is hanging out in style.

Here is her most recent work on the graffiti on the rooftop. The dolls are sisters and have been drawing funny things.

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