Another Animal Game

Today we played another one of the games from the Coloretto line, “Zooloretto Wurfelspiel.” It is a multiplayer game that combines elements of Zahtzee and the original Coloretto. Players roll animal dice 2 at a time and then play them onto trucks located on a central board. On your turn, you may either roll the dice or take the dice off of 1 truck and then score them on your sheet. The object is to get points by collecting a certain number of each animal (from 1 alligator to 5 lions). If you are the player who collects that many first, you get a score bonus. If you collect too many animals, you take a 2 point penalty for each type. Coins can buy your way out of penalty points. Each group of coins collected negates one animal penalty.

This game is easy to learn and pretty light. Looking forward to playing it with more than 2 players.


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