Akron Zoo

Today was a bit chilly, but it turned out to be a perfect day for visiting the zoo with friends! The animals that were out were quite active and the girls spent considerable time at several of the exhibits, especially those for the lemurs and the sloth bear.

We were there at just the right time for the keepers to bring in food and toys!

Both girls took lots of video as the lemurs put on an acrobatics show.

We moved on to see other exhibits.

There should be a bat in the picture. It was pretty dark in there. We caught the bat exhibit while a keeper was spraying down one of the enclosures, so the bats in that area were flying around like crazy.

Colorful frog from the rainforest.

Here is the sloth bear. He put his nose up to the glass and seemed interested in the girls.

The lion was out today too.

We finished up at the penguins.

Inside the gift shop, my daughter noticed these carvings from rainforest nuts. My mom brought one back from the Panama Canal on her last vacation! It was neat to find them here.


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