Moving on to the Rainforest

The kids and I have decided to be done with learning about Japan for now. We are moving on to the 6th Magic Tree House book, “Afternoon on the Amazon.”

So far we have played two animal themed games. The first one is Zooloretto, a game about building your own zoo to maximize points.

My daughter beat me by quite a margin this time. For those with iPods or iPhones, this game is available as an app.

The second game, by the same maker, is called “Coloretto Amazonas.” In it, you score points by making sets of same colored unique animal cards while simultaneously losing cards that are duplicates. I found it to be a bit too luck based for my taste (especially compared to the original Coloretto) but maybe that changes when played with more than 2 players. My son enjoyed it and totally trounced me.

My daughter also drew a toucan from the “Draw, Write, Now!” Books.

We will be heading to the zoo this week to see the animals in person.


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