I stumbled upon an amazing website while reading about project based homeschooling. It is called

The website (and the app that goes with it) contains hundreds of different DIY projects for kids to do to earn virtual badges. In each area, there are specifications for earning the badge and photos or videos of projects done by other kids. Not only can you learn how to do something new, but after you complete it, you share your work via photos and videos! Our kids pointed out how many of the things we had already done. I thought it might be neat to start from scratch and see how many we can do. It will definitely be in my back pocket for a rainy day!

I read a funny one about programming called “How to Train Your Robot.” The kids and I tried it out and had a bunch of fun with it. I want to try it again sometime 🙂

Our initial symbols were quite simple. I can see us adding more over time.

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