Both kids have been using “Life of Fred” for math this year. We like reading the stories together. I like that the kids write a bit of stuff on paper, but not too much. It is generally very smooth for us. Or was, until my son hit a wall in the “I” book. He was working through lots of multi- digit multiplication and division problems. He understood the process and had no trouble with the calculations when the numbers were easy multiples (1,2,5). When they were other values, the problems turned into an aggravating mess for him. We decided together to back off of Fred and do a bit of work on memorizing the multiplication tables so that all the problems would seem easy. Frustration was not working for us.

We tried flash cards as put forth in “Fred”, but the 4,6,7, and 8 multiples were just not staying in his head. I have always known he is a very visual learner, so I decided to try out a book called “Times Tables The Fun Way”. It uses pictures and word associations to help solidify the memory of the multiplication facts.
It worked like a charm! We did 1 or 2 pictures a day and now he’s got them all down 🙂

My daughter has been learning all of them with us so it shouldn’t be much trouble when she gets there. She started from the beginning with the “A” book, and is now on “E”. Here is a page of hers.


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