Low Carb Food

My husband and I have gotten rid of most refined sugars and high carbohydrate foods in our diets since the new year. To keep up with this style of eating, I have been cooking more often and doing way more dishes (think 3 pans for eggs, meat, and veg at breakfast).

In order to keep up with this style of eating, I decided to work in some cooking that would last a week or more and be easy to grab and go.

First, I made bread from cashew butter, flax seed, almond flour, and eggs. I followed a recipe from the GF/BFF blog called GF/BFF Bread, just subbing the different nut butter for what was on hand. I do use the tiny loaf pan she recommends. It is necessary for this recipe! I also think that if the slices were larger they might be too filling to eat as a sandwich. This is our fourth loaf of this bread and it works great for tiny sandwiches or toast.

I also made a batch of crackers from “The Primal Martini” blog called Primal Crackers.

This is one recipe rolled out on my non-stick pizza pan. I spray the pan and the crackers after being cut with Spectrum coconut oil spray and add a hefty sprinkle of salt.

Cut with a plastic knife.

Finished baking 🙂

The edges get to be eaten first.

My daughter helped me make the next recipe. They are the egg muffins seen floating all over on Pinterest.

We layered meat (bacon or ham), broccoli, and cheddar cheese in the baking cups and then topped them with a mixture of whipped milk, egg, and baking powder. Baked them at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Success! She said they taste like mini quiche 🙂

When they were all gone, I made another batch using all kinds of odds and ends from the fridge…sausage, pepperoni, bacon, turkey, pesto, olives, mozzarella cheese, feta cheese, salsa, mixed vegetables, etc. Not all in the same muffin- I mixed and matched.


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