Doll Stuff

I have been posting about the stuff my daughter is working on for her dolls. She has recently made a few more things.

She made a carseat for a doll to ride in using cardboard, fabric, fleece, hot glue, ribbon, and a plastic gem.

She made a skateboard for them using foam, fabric, wooden skewers, and buttons. The wheels actually turn!
She also made a helmet using half of a plastic Easter egg and some foam.

She made some furniture and food. Some of these might be repeats.

She has watched a bunch of tutorials for making doll stuff on YouTube. One channel in particular, called MyFroggyStuff, has great videos:

Her Barbie is hanging out in style.

Here is her most recent work on the graffiti on the rooftop. The dolls are sisters and have been drawing funny things.

Easter is Coming

We have started to decorate the house and today my mom came to decorate eggs with the kids 🙂

Adding Sharpie.

Window decals.

We also played a game of Pictionary Jr. and a game of Pictionary: Bend A Clue with my mom. The first game is drawing based and the second is like charades but with the addition of a bendy tube to help you act things out. Both were lots of fun and she managed to be on the winning team both times!

Dollhouse Project

My daughter is continuing to move forward with her dollhouse project.

We got stuck for a moment today when she wanted to start on the wallpapers and floors and then realized that we hadn’t spray painted the outside of the house yet (nor did we own the spray paint to do so). We tried to come up with a good solution to replace the spray paint. She didn’t want the back of the house to be too bumpy and she was worried about the seams where the 3 boxes are joined. We settled on using the full size mailing labels we already own and she decided that they would make a great canvas for her dolls to do graffiti.

All of this did not go as smoothly as it sounds. Somewhere in there, she was bothered by the sticker labels not laying quite flat. She was pretty distressed. I encouraged her to take a break and eat something while I helped with the edges. She came back calmer and decided that if she didn’t like the way it looked she could just put the swimming pool over that spot.

She never did get to the walls and floors today, but she should be able to tackle that pretty easily on her own next time.

Number Jugglers

I have had this book since the kids were small. Today, I pulled it out and played a few of the games with my son.

The first game has a simple goal. Deal out cards and then try to make each of the numbers from 1-9 by using your cards. You can add, subtract, multiply, or divide in any order. You can use each card 1 time maximum in each equation. We started off with 10 cards. Too easy. 6 cards. Still too easy. Then 4 cards. Really easy except for making 1 of the numbers. I was about to give up when my son figured out the answer! See if you can get them all.

Then we played an even/ odd number game that we renamed unicorn or balls. Not quite as interesting.

I really like this book and plan on continuing with more of the games. As you progress through the book, there are lots of pre-algebra type skills…keeping equations balanced by doing the same thing (or an equivalent) to each side, dividing numbers by themselves to get a number 1 to work with, maintaining what you have by multiplying by 1. Good stuff.

There is also a book/card set called “Fraction Jugglers” that I plan on getting in the future.

Akron Zoo

Today was a bit chilly, but it turned out to be a perfect day for visiting the zoo with friends! The animals that were out were quite active and the girls spent considerable time at several of the exhibits, especially those for the lemurs and the sloth bear.

We were there at just the right time for the keepers to bring in food and toys!

Both girls took lots of video as the lemurs put on an acrobatics show.

We moved on to see other exhibits.

There should be a bat in the picture. It was pretty dark in there. We caught the bat exhibit while a keeper was spraying down one of the enclosures, so the bats in that area were flying around like crazy.

Colorful frog from the rainforest.

Here is the sloth bear. He put his nose up to the glass and seemed interested in the girls.

The lion was out today too.

We finished up at the penguins.

Inside the gift shop, my daughter noticed these carvings from rainforest nuts. My mom brought one back from the Panama Canal on her last vacation! It was neat to find them here.

Another Animal Game

Today we played another one of the games from the Coloretto line, “Zooloretto Wurfelspiel.” It is a multiplayer game that combines elements of Zahtzee and the original Coloretto. Players roll animal dice 2 at a time and then play them onto trucks located on a central board. On your turn, you may either roll the dice or take the dice off of 1 truck and then score them on your sheet. The object is to get points by collecting a certain number of each animal (from 1 alligator to 5 lions). If you are the player who collects that many first, you get a score bonus. If you collect too many animals, you take a 2 point penalty for each type. Coins can buy your way out of penalty points. Each group of coins collected negates one animal penalty.

This game is easy to learn and pretty light. Looking forward to playing it with more than 2 players.

Moving on to the Rainforest

The kids and I have decided to be done with learning about Japan for now. We are moving on to the 6th Magic Tree House book, “Afternoon on the Amazon.”

So far we have played two animal themed games. The first one is Zooloretto, a game about building your own zoo to maximize points.

My daughter beat me by quite a margin this time. For those with iPods or iPhones, this game is available as an app.

The second game, by the same maker, is called “Coloretto Amazonas.” In it, you score points by making sets of same colored unique animal cards while simultaneously losing cards that are duplicates. I found it to be a bit too luck based for my taste (especially compared to the original Coloretto) but maybe that changes when played with more than 2 players. My son enjoyed it and totally trounced me.

My daughter also drew a toucan from the “Draw, Write, Now!” Books.

We will be heading to the zoo this week to see the animals in person.