Last post for pirates and maps

We are finishing up our month of pirates and will be moving on to Japan and ninjas next.

Our last 2 activities were a map worksheet and a boardgame.

The game is called Catan Jr.
My son and I played it twice before realizing I had neglected to read the proper rules about placing ships. The first time through, we also played on the 3 or 4 player side of the map by accident. All my pictures shown how to play the wrong way- in the real game, ships can only go on the dotted “route” lines.

We had fun anyway and will try again by the rules sometime.

After figuring out the real rules, I grabbed an app that is a tutorial for the full game of Settlers of Catan. It has been almost 10 years since I played and I think the kids are old enough to try out the regular version.


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