Japan and Ninjas

We are moving on to book 5 in the Magic Tree House books and will be exploring things relating to Japan.

We started off reading a few books and magazines.

My son beat me at a game called “Number Ninjas”. While trying to verify a game rule, we stumbled upon a video game of the same name.

It got hard pretty fast.

We watched “Between the Folds”, a documentary on fantastic Origami artists. My jaw dropped several times. It is simply astounding what they can do with a square of paper!

My daughter and I tried our hands at origami and made boats and balloons.

We listened to Japanese stories on Tales to Go.

The kids love the “Mythical Monsters” book so much, I bough a Japanese Yokai book that is similar plus a guide to Ninja and Samurai.

Only in Japan do they come up with monsters who eat the scum off your bathtub! What a way to get kids to help with cleaning 🙂

Next up is a visit to the art museum and sampling Japanese foods.


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