Book 4 of the Magic Tree House books is about Pirates, so we have been doing Pirate-y things.

The kids worked together with me to build a giant cardboard pirate ship and a rowboat from cardboard in the basement. It is based on some creations we saw on the internet along with one of my daughter’s drawings. They also made weapons, dug out costumes, and started thinking up the plot for a pirate play we will write.

We played Pirate-y games.

We learned about pirate words and about maps.

There was pirate art.

There were pirate books and magazines.

Pirate websites.

We saw videos about maps.

We got to play pirate mini-golf!

And we got to see Lego pirate ships!

My daughter liked seeing the British uniforms.

We also listened to Treasure Island on audiobooks as well as a pirate Geronimo Stilton book.

We watched all 4 Pirates of the Carribean movies.

We also saw a History Channel production about pirate ships and some of the most famous pirates.

Everlasting Evergreen

One of our stocking stuffers was a plant called an everlasting evergreen. It comes packaged in a dried up ball and when you add water it unfurls over the course of a few hours to reveal green leaves. The papers that came with it said the plants are from the time of dinosaurs and can last up to 50 years in the dried up dormant state between times with water present. It was pretty neat to watch it open up.

Around the House

The kids did lots of random stuff around the house.

My daughter made some decorations.

My son hung out with a friend.

My daughter made pancakes by herself.

We grew a chia Homer.

More duct tape things were made.

My daughter painted pottery.

We played with glow in the dark putty.

The kids played in the snow.

My daughter painted more pottery.

The kids made cute Zoomorph animals.