The kids had a friend over yesterday and it was nice enough to play outside! The stuffed animals played with our deer decorations.


New batch of heating pads

It has been getting colder and I have been thinking up handmade gift ideas again. Our heating pads are back in rotation for bedtime, so I decided to make some for presents.

My daughter joined in and made a special wolf one for her friend!

Here they are stuffed and sewn closed. The wolf was already gifted at this point 🙂

Cat Toys

Free access to the hot glue gun has opened up ideas for my daughter. These are some cat toys she made.


Gluten Free Cookies

My husband told my daughter he wanted chocolate chip cookies for Christmas. I decided I wanted some too 🙂

Yesterday, my son helped me whip up a batch of Betty Crocker ones. They came out fantastic. I snuck some into the freezer before they all got demolished.


Intro to Poetry

My daughter surprised me by asking to learn about poetry the other night. Luckily, I had an easy idea for writing a first poem tucked away in my brain- acrostics. I found a “poetry for kids” website and showed her an example. Then she wrote her own.

And loved every minute of it 🙂

Her first one is called “Tom” after our cat.

On the couch a lot
My pet

Her second was “Tree”

Rest in its shade
Everything is peaceful
Everything is beautiful

Her last one was “Snow”

New as a forming cloud
Outdoors like a bird
White as a dove

I told my son about this type of poetry in the morning. Here is his poem called “Creeper.” A creeper is a type of monster from one of his favorite games; it goes toward things and then explodes.

Packed with gun powder
Especially mean
Rest in pieces


Duct Tape Mini Notebooks

My daughter and I had scraps of Duct Tape left over from the bags/ purses and I found some blank mini-notebooks in our craft stuff when we were looking for buttons. The end result is below.

Some have already been given out as presents and the blue flower one has become my daughter’s poetry notebook.


Duct Tape wallets and change purses

I asked my daughter if she could whip up something for me to put gift cards in for a few young family members. She came up with these wallets 🙂

She decided to add change purses to her list of what she might sell. Here are some she made.

Some will have rings and clips to attach to pant loops, bags or keys.