Intro to Poetry

My daughter surprised me by asking to learn about poetry the other night. Luckily, I had an easy idea for writing a first poem tucked away in my brain- acrostics. I found a “poetry for kids” website and showed her an example. Then she wrote her own.

And loved every minute of it 🙂

Her first one is called “Tom” after our cat.

On the couch a lot
My pet

Her second was “Tree”

Rest in its shade
Everything is peaceful
Everything is beautiful

Her last one was “Snow”

New as a forming cloud
Outdoors like a bird
White as a dove

I told my son about this type of poetry in the morning. Here is his poem called “Creeper.” A creeper is a type of monster from one of his favorite games; it goes toward things and then explodes.

Packed with gun powder
Especially mean
Rest in pieces

Coffee Cozy

I know I am weird with all my handmade stuff. I just can’t seem to help it…sometimes I feel compelled to make something for someone even if I don’t know exactly what IT is.

One of my closest friends had a birthday last week and I wanted to make something that wouldn’t be a garment as they take too long and are personal in terms of styles and colors. I would want clothing to be just right.

She enjoys a good cup of coffee from Starbucks on a regular basis, so I decided on a coffee cozy to replace the little cardboard sleeves they give you so you don’t burn yourself.

I decided to try knitting a pattern using 2 yarns this time since the project was small and fit wasn’t an issue so much. I made it from wool yarns and then fulled them to make a denser, smaller sleeve.

After fulling:

Duct Tape Stuff

More Duct Tape 🙂

This time, wallets and headbands and purses, Oh my. I introduced my daughter to sticky backed Velcro which opened up possibilities for adjusting headbands and holding wallets and purses closed.

She made many colors and styles.

She made an ID window for her CEC card and credit card windows for her game cards.

Of course, she added money!

Her doll also got a headband.

And a purse with a mini wallet.

Here are her change purses.

More doll miniatures

My daughter has continued on with her mini items…some are for Barbie, some are for her American Girl Doll.

Mini candy made with polymer clay.

Mini guitar made from bottle caps, foam, beads, popsicle stick, and sparkly string

Barbie Bed made with a clementine crate, duct tape, skewers, cardboard, fabric, and glue. Lots of glue. Barbie is also sporting a laptop made from duct tape and card stock.

Barbie Trampoline made from wooden beads, pantyhose, cardboard, and duct tape.