The kids had a friend over yesterday and it was nice enough to play outside! The stuffed animals played with our deer decorations.


New batch of heating pads

It has been getting colder and I have been thinking up handmade gift ideas again. Our heating pads are back in rotation for bedtime, so I decided to make some for presents.

My daughter joined in and made a special wolf one for her friend!

Here they are stuffed and sewn closed. The wolf was already gifted at this point 🙂

Intro to Poetry

My daughter surprised me by asking to learn about poetry the other night. Luckily, I had an easy idea for writing a first poem tucked away in my brain- acrostics. I found a “poetry for kids” website and showed her an example. Then she wrote her own.

And loved every minute of it 🙂

Her first one is called “Tom” after our cat.

On the couch a lot
My pet

Her second was “Tree”

Rest in its shade
Everything is peaceful
Everything is beautiful

Her last one was “Snow”

New as a forming cloud
Outdoors like a bird
White as a dove

I told my son about this type of poetry in the morning. Here is his poem called “Creeper.” A creeper is a type of monster from one of his favorite games; it goes toward things and then explodes.

Packed with gun powder
Especially mean
Rest in pieces