Hot Glue Gun

I have been meaning to introduce the kids to the hot glue fun for awhile but didn’t make a point of it until it was the best solution to one of my daughter’s projects.

Lately, she has gone beyond clay food miniatures and found a passion for making other doll sized things for her Polly Pockets and American Girl Doll.

She started with this shoebox bedroom for her Polly. It has wall hooks from bits of old hangers, a chair made from a Solo cup, a bed made with beads and cardboard topped with a blanket and pillow made from old t-shirts, and a table made of a bottle lid and some cardboard. Stickers decorate the walls.

Next she made some mini-cosmetics from buttons, craft foam, beads, BB’s, and duct tape. The hair clip is a mini clip. The fingernail clippers are there for size reference.

Then she used the duct tape to make a mini toothpaste and tooth brush for her American Girl Doll. This led to needing a sink! She chose parts she wanted to use but looked defeated by the prospect of gluing the beads, plastic cap, and cardboard with the glue she had been using. I decided it was time for the hot glue and showed her briefly how to use it. She took it from there šŸ™‚

She has now made a sink and a toilet and is planning on making a bathtub from the box on the left. It will have an insert that matches the bathtub on one side and is blue on the other to become water.

Progress pictures:


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