I Made Something I Pinned

Pinterest is great for craft porn, but I don’t follow up on most of the things I pin. Today, my daughter offered to clear off her bookshelf in her room which was serving as a divided fridge/freezer for her dolls so she could make room for….books!

I told her I had an idea that would let her keep it the way it was if she would like a bookshelf hanging on her wall. I showed her the picture of it on Pinterest and she was sold 🙂

We hit Hobby Lobby for 2 curtain rods and wall mounts and she picked out some fabric. I sewed the fabric into a simple tube and put both rods through the middle of the tube and then hung them up creating a “U” shaped pocket between the rods, perfect for holding her books.

She loves it!

While we were putting it up, she also decided to put up the curio shelves she got from my mom. She was so excited to search through her room for the perfect items to display!

When we were done, she poured through doll clothes pattern books and then read a story book to break in her reading nook.


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