Background info- “Dragon” is a free app that lets you speak into your iPod and then transcribes what you have said.

The other night when my daughter and I were reading together, she said she thought she was a bad reader because there are still words she doesn’t know. I told her that there are still words I don’t know when I see them. This led to a discussion about the tools she can use for reading and spelling and just getting info in general that are almost always at her disposal.

First I talked about Google searches, Wikipedia, and YouTube, all of which she already uses. She said she had trouble once in a while because the spellchecker would sometimes turn her words into something else. Her example was Pikachu. She wasn’t sure how to start the spelling off and YouTube led her to peanut butter, lol.

This led to me bringing up Dragon. I wanted to see if the app would recognize the spoken word Pikachu.
It did! Dragon is a tricky little bugger though as you need to speak crisply for the best results. We played around with it for awhile, seeing what worked best and speaking clearly. Funniest moment award goes to her first attempt. It should have read:

It actually came up with:

Kinda the same, lol.

I think she liked using Dragon and she could read well enough to tell when it wasn’t correct.

The last tool the kids have is a talking dictionary that will read the definition of any words they get stuck on.


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