A friend posted a link on Facebook a while back about a Lego Kingdom exhibit At COSI in Columbus. We headed down to check it out with some friends.

While the pre built Lego displays were really cool, the hands on parts were not that exciting for my kids as we own tons of Legos. Lucky for us, the rest of the museum was great and they found lots to explore and do. The 5 kids checked out the “Adventure” puzzle exhibit while us adults had some time to chat. Inside were obstacle courses and codes and helpful volunteers. All of the kids came out jumping and happy and wanting to try it again sometime.

We had beautiful weather to hit the courtyard.

The “Space” section was well done, especially the remote control rovers and mechanical arms. The kids worked together to gather up little balls.

We saw how particle size changed the way iron bits were affected by magnets. The nano particles acted like a liquid, flowing in blobs and jumping from one magnet to another.

The kids were happy to make fun of the things us “old” people grew up with in the section on the past.

We stayed till closing time and then headed out for dinner and then back to the hotel for a swim.

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